Take Essential Oils for a test Run

When it comes to essential oils, I get the desire to “try before you buy.”

I mean, we all like to test drive to vehicle before we buy it, right?  So if given the chance to try essential oils out before you buy it, it makes sense!

Also, as one who was very skeptical before I ever used the oils, I understand people’s hesitation.  However, after using essential oils I quickly came to love them.  I use them every day for a number of things.

I want to give you the opportunity to try them out, so I’m offering free samples to people who are interested in essential oils.

Look at those little bottles.  Aren’t they so cute? 🙂

Now, maybe you are ready to dive in and purchase your full kit of essential oils.  I’ll still send you some samples. 🙂  BUT – for two people who sign up for a wholesale account, I will send you this book, for free.  What is this book exactly?  Well, it’s a manual of sorts – a book with a wealth of information on how to use essential oils.  You can literally look up something you are dealing with and find what essential oil is best to use for it in this book.  There is SO much information and it’s a 22 dollar value.

Now, a couple disclaimers.  First, I only have a limited number of samples.  When they are gone, they’re gone.

Secondly, I can only send them out to people in the US and Canada. Unfortunately it gets a lot trickier the farther you try to send things.

Thirdly, these offers are only for people who are not already signed up with Doterra.

So, if you want a sample, send me an email at [email protected].  I’ll get in touch with you so I can find out where to mail them to.

If you want to sign up and purchase an essential oils kit today, still fill out the contact form to let me know so I can send you samples and the Essential Basics book, but you can get your oils here.

If you just want some more information about essential oils, read my post about them here,where I talk about all the ways you can use them, how they are actually quite cost effective when you break it down, and how DoTERRA is where I buy all my essential oils for quality, purity, and the fact that they as a company believe in co-impact sourcing and are involved in humanitarian efforts.  How awesome is that?