10 Ways to Keep your House Clean

A clean home just feels good, am I right?  It increases the enjoyment of your living space, and helps reduce your stress level. It’s a sanctuary where your family members gather, where you unwind after a long day, and where you create lasting memories. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 ways to keep your house clean. From quick daily routines to deep cleaning tasks, we’ve got it all covered.  

doing the dishes and cleaning your house

Keeping the entire house clean isn’t an easy feat, and if you are like me, you are busy and struggle to find the right amount of time to get it all done.  Sometimes it feels like all you have time for is a quick wipe of the counters, and not much else.   

Let’s be honest, we all probably do a lot of cleaning around our house one way or another.

But if you can discover the most efficient way to clean your home, you will be able to keep your house clean on a daily basis.  Or at least, mostly clean.  Life happens, and I think we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves when sometimes we just can’t keep up.

However, if you’d like to learn how to keep your house clean on the days that aren’t a little too crazy (and even some that are) keep reading!



10 ways to keep your house Clean


  1. Start Your Day with a Made Bed

The first thing you see when you enter your bedroom sets the tone for the entire day. Making your bed takes just a couple of minutes but instantly makes your room look tidy and put together. Plus, it’s a simple task that sets the stage for a productive day ahead.  Making your bed every day is a great way to help you develop good habits in cleaning the rest of your home.

I get it.  Why make your bed when you will just get back into it at night?  It can feel like a pointless cleaning task.  However, when you make your bed first thing in the morning you will start the day with succeeding at your first task of the day. 

This will help motivate you to tackle other projects for the rest of the day whether it be cleaning, in your job, or in your role as a mother and wife.  Making your bed is a recipe for success!

  1. Tackle Dirty Dishes Immediately

Dirty dishes can pile up quickly and create chaos in the kitchen. The best way to maintain a clean kitchen is to clean dishes right after using them. It’s an easy way to prevent a daunting mess and keep your kitchen counter clutter-free.  

If you have kids like I do, give them days they are responsible for the dinner dishes.  I have three kids and they each do two days of dishes a week.  One of them will unload the dishwasher, and another will load the dishwasher, wipe the counters, and wash any dishes that can’t go in the dishwasher.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, consider investing in one. At the end of the day it will make your life easier and save you so much time.

  1. Implement a Daily Cleaning Routine

One of the easiest ways to keep your house clean is by establishing a daily cleaning routine. Allocate some time each day to tackle small things like wiping down countertops or the kitchen sink, tidying up the living room, and doing a quick scan of high-traffic areas.

These simple tasks add up and make a big difference in the long run.  You will find it a lot more difficult to keep your home clean if you let the little messes pile up into big messes.  If you can clean as you go it will save you a ton of time.

Washing the window

  1. Use the Right Cleaning Products and Tools

Having the right cleaning supplies can make cleaning tasks much easier. Stock up on essentials like microfiber cloths, spray bottles filled with a homemade cleaning solution, and an assortment of cleaning tools.

These tools can help you efficiently clean different surfaces in your home, from kitchen counters to bathroom tiles.  Useful tools like a microfiber cloth make the cleaning process so much easier.

  1. Create a Cleaning Schedule

To ensure you don’t waste a lot of time on deep cleaning, create a cleaning schedule. Assign specific cleaning tasks to different days or weeks, such as dusting the ceiling fan (do people actually do that?), vacuuming the whole house, or deep cleaning the kitchen floor. Having a schedule ensures you address every corner of your home without feeling overwhelmed.

For laundry, if you have a large family, aim for at least one load a day, and a few extra loads on one day of the week.  If you have older kids like mine you can teach them to do their own laundry.  For example, my 14 year old son does his laundry on Mondays, and my 16 year old daughter does her laundry on Tuesdays.

Not only does this lighten my load and teach them responsibility, it also teaches them what happens when they DON’T do their laundry (and yes, it’s happened where they’ve scrambled to find clean clothes because they missed laundry day.  But now they are very consistent in not forgetting to do it!)

  1. Declutter Regularly

A tidy house starts with less stuff. Take some time each month to declutter and get rid of items you no longer need. Consider adopting the “one in, one out” rule – for every new item that enters your home, an old item should be donated or discarded.

This keeps your space clutter-free and manageable.  If you have a small space like I do, then you will want to definitely make decluttering a priority to keep the mess down.  It’s amazing just how much stuff we can accumulate over the years, and it really does weigh us down. 

You’ll be shocked at how much lighter you feel when you keep your space decluttered.

  1. Invest in Time-Saving Appliances

Modern appliances like a washing machine with a delayed start cycle can save you time and effort. Load your machine before bedtime, and it’ll start automatically at the time you set, so you wake up to clean clothes that you just need to toss in the dryer or hang on the line.

Similarly, dishwashers with efficient settings can make cleaning dishes a breeze.  I often will turn on my washing machine and dishwasher before bed.  It’s no fun waking up to a dirty house, and doing these two things means I’m going to wake up to clean dishes and clean clothes.  

What more could you want? Well, besides a hot cup of coffee…

  1. Maximize Your Daily Tasks

Turn everyday activities into opportunities for quick cleaning. For example, while waiting for your coffee maker to brew, wipe down the kitchen counter or do a quick task like folding a load of laundry to stay ahead of the endless cycle of dirty clothes if your laundry room is on the same floor or not far from the kitchen.

Bring all the dirty clothes to the laundry room or do a quick pick up of toys or other clutter in the family room while you are waiting for that coffee to brew or a the kettle of water to boil.  These little bits of cleaning throughout the day will add up and save you time in the long run.

  1. Utilize Easy Access Storage Solutions

Incorporate easy access storage solutions in your home. Use baskets, bins, and organizers to keep items neat and accessible.  If you don’t have any bins even a cardboard box will work temporarily. This prevents clutter from accumulating on surfaces like your coffee table or kitchen table.  It’s amazing what a clean slate does for your stress level.  Less clutter equals less stress.

Consider night tables with drawers as well or laundry baskets with lids.  This will help keep surfaces clean and tidy.

cleaning the house

  1. Delegate and Share the Load

Maintaining a clean home shouldn’t fall solely on one person’s shoulders. You might do the majority of the work, and that’s fine especially if you are a stay at home mom like I am and your spouse is gone all day, but you’ll still want to find ways to get the entire family involved because even with the extra time you are at home it’s often too much for just one person.

Assign age-appropriate cleaning tasks to family members, and consider implementing a reward system or giving bonus points for extra help. This not only lightens the load but also fosters good cleaning habits among family members.  

One day your kids are going to move out and will need to keep their own home clean.  It’ll be easier for them to do so if they learned those skills when they lived at home.  So, keep in mind, when you have them join in on the housework you are actually helping prepare them for their future.


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Consistency will help keep your house clean

Maintaining a clean house doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or stressful endeavor. By incorporating these 10 easy cleaning tips into your daily routine, you’ll find that keeping a clean home becomes second nature, or at least a little easier than it used to be. 

If you feel overwhelmed by the mess in your house, or all the tasks on your never-ending to-do list, trying some of these tips should hopefully help you to feel less burdened by all you need to do.

Remember, a clean and tidy space not only enhances your living environment but also reduces stress and creates a sense of calm and order.   It’s just nicer to be able to sit in your living room and light a candle while you enjoy a clean space.  So, start today and enjoy the benefits of a clean and peaceful home in no time!

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