How I make Money as a Blogger

I have a history of failing.

I mean, I did pretty well in school. I didn’t fail in that way. But I have a history of failing “adulting”.

Seriously, who fails adulting?

Me, apparently.

I spent all of my 20s flopping around, trying to figure out how to do the basics that seemed to come naturally to people. Things like cooking, budgeting, being a wife, being a mom, bringing in some income…

Thankfully, once my 30s hit I started to finally figure out some of this stuff. (Though I still haven’t figured out how to stay on top of laundry.)

I’m a slow learner.

That goes for blogging too.

You see this blog you are on right now? It falls into the “successful blogs” category. But it didn’t come without some serious failed attempts.

3 failed blogs, to be exact.

I want to prevent you from having three failed blogs like I did before you figure out how to do this blogging thing.

I’m going to share with you how this blog makes money briefly, but before that I want to invite you to subscribe to my email list right below here. This is where I’ll email you information on how to get started on blogging so you can avoid making the same mistakes I made.


This is a question I get quite often so covering it in one simple post makes sense.


The majority of my income comes from ad revenue – you know, those things you see on the side bar, within the post, or at the bottom of the page. Now, not every blog makes the majority of their income from ads, but many do. You do have some control over what types of ads that are displayed as well. For example, since my goal is to make my site a family-friendly site, you shouldn’t see dating site ads or alcohol ads on my site. But, I don’t have total control – that comes from the ad company. I have been extremely happy with the ad company I am with though as they do a great job.


Affiliate marketing is another way many blogs make money. I make some income with affiliate marketing on this site. Whenever you see a link that brings you to a product you might be able to purchase there’s a good chance it’s an affiliate link. There is no extra cost to you for purchasing an item through an affiliate link. One of the most popular companies that offer a commission on products mentioned on a blog is Amazon, but there are a ton of companies out there that have affiliate programs for bloggers.


Products are another way this blog makes income. You can see I have a printables section in the navigation menu where I’ve created some products that I sell. You can really come up with so many ideas on what you could sell on your blog. Many do digital items but there are bloggers out there who sell things like soap, crocheted items, and more.


Now, while these are the ways MY blog makes money, this list is by no means exhaustive. There are a variety of other ways bloggers make money. The above list are some of the most common ways. The best option to making steady income with a blog is to have multiple streams of income and so the more you can add, the better.

It doesn’t matter what you are passionate about, chances are you could start a blog about it. Be sure to join my mailing list above, or my Facebook page to ask any questions you may have. Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint and the one thing I remember in those early months is the many questions I had. You’ll want other bloggers to go to and ask these questions if you decide to blog.

The truth is, though no job is perfect, the fact that I can stay home with my children, do work in my pajamas, and be my own boss makes this career pretty amazing. It’s changed my life and it can change yours.