Must Haves for a Frugal Home

When living on a tight budget, there are some must haves for a frugal home. When it comes to saving money, sometimes you need some items that will help you on your journey.

must haves for a frugal home

It can be hard to decide to spend money when you are trying to be frugal and/or money is tight. But the truth is, sometimes spending money helps us save money. The key is being smart about it, and being honest with yourself on whether it will help your budget in the long run or if you are just trying to convince yourself it will.


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Crock Pot – You know those days you are rushing around with a full schedule? By the time you get home it will be dinner time, and you are exhausted with no idea what to make on the fly. This is where the crock-Pot comes in. Don’t let that episode of “This Is Us” keep you away from the beloved Crock-Pot. 🙂 On days you know you will be super busy, toss some food in the Crock-Pot before you leave. You will come home to the smell of dinner cooked for you by this dinner angel, sent straight from heaven.

Let’s not forget that the crockpot is great for budget meals too. It takes cheap cuts of meat and tenderizes them. Or how about all the cheap soups, stews, and chilis this appliance makes. We love to use THIS recipe for chili in our crockpot. Definitely worth the money.

Mason Jars There is no end to what mason jars can be used for. Canning is the obvious one, but storing food in your fridge is another. If you make any of your own cleaning products or cosmetics these jars will come in handy. Before church on Sundays I like to make up a green smoothie and toss it into a mason jar to take with me.

Clothesline -The dryer is such an energy hog! The less you use it, the better. The smell of clothes freshly dried by the sun is amazing. We don’t have a dryer at all, so in the winter we dry our clothes on a clothing rack near the woodstove.

Reusable Water Bottles– We take water bottles everywhere we go. Saves us from spending money on drinks, and it helps the environment.

Coffee Maker with a Timer – Daily coffee is a must. The coffee shop, however, is not good for the budget. Get a coffee maker. Make sure it has a timer so you can set it up the night before because no one should be expected to make coffee in their pre-coffee state.

Baking Soda and Vinegar These two items clean EVERYTHING! Windows, sinks, counters, carpets – you name it! Every frugal home needs these products.

Reusable cloths, towels, and rags skip the paper towels and napkins and go for cloth. Good for the Earth, good for the pocketbook!

Reusable Lunch Containers – If you need to pack a lunch, reusable containers will save you money.

Programmable Thermostat Our energy bills can cause us the shudder when we open them. Save money in that department with a programmable thermostat. It allows you to set the temperature lower at night while you sleep so you save some cash! If you work outside of the home you can program the thermostat at a lower temperature, and then have it increase an hour before you arrive home.

These must haves for a frugal home will help you in your journey to save money. Stock your house with these items and you will find it a little easier sticking to your budget when you have the resources you need to make it work. Frugality is always easier when we are prepared, and have the items on hand that we need to help us with the preparation that allows us to save money.

7 thoughts on “Must Haves for a Frugal Home”

    1. I figured the crockpot needed some love after the episode of This Is Us. Lol. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  1. A sewing machine. A kitchen scale (the grocer will refund your caught differentials).
    A personal weight scale. A job (to distract you from the actual dirtiness of your home).
    Imitation vanilla (try it). Day old bread. A separate freezer to store day-old bread/muffins
    and scandalous produce savings. Rewash your zip lock bags and reuse and reuse. Stop
    ironing. Pull the plug when not in use. Change your clothing according to weather needs.

  2. Learn to can – hot water bath and pressure canning. (Invest in a good pressure canner)

    Garden – might be a big investment in tools, seeds, time and hard work but it will pay off and save $$ at the store. Greenhouse would be a good investment. Amazon has a few that are not expensive but small. And then those canning supplies will come in handy 🙂

    Fishing license, hunting license and learn to dress what you catch so you skip the butcher’s fees. Fishing inside some state parks don’t require a fishing license but check with your state.

    Learn to preserve without canning and freezing… Smoking, drying, dehydrating, salting.

    Learn to mend and repair clothes and things that break.

    1. I absolutely agree. I am doing all of that. Great suggestions for maybe young women who are just learning homemaking.

  3. Go vegan! If you don’t buy meat, you don’t pay for meat, and it’s the Best thing you can do for the environment and your own health!
    Try some of the zillions of vegan recipes online (including for the crockpot!). There are cookbooks and blogs that specialize in vegan on a budget. And the food is fabulous!
    This recipe is an example of how you don’t need to fall into the trap of buying fake meat all the time, I buy it for convenience sometimes but try real food instead.
    Join the future now! Its Compassionate to leave fellow beings off your plate, and that’ll feel good too 😌

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