Things to do in Winter that are Cheap

Winter is officially here in Canada.  If you are looking for things to do in Winter I’ve got some ideas for you today!

things to do in winter

It’s been a bit of a funny winter in my area, with the snow coming early, and then disappearing for most of December, only to arrive the day before Christmas, which, I was exceptionally grateful for because there is something so magical about a white Christmas.

Anyways, with the colder weather’s arrival I find that it can be a little more difficult to find fun, frugal things to do during the winter. That’s why I have come up with this list to give you some ideas.

You’ll notice some require snow, but some do not, because depending on where you live will make a difference on whether snow activities are an option or not.

Personally, I LOVE winter. Sure, I grow tired of it after awhile when I am ready to experience Spring again, but I love the crisp air and the freshly fallen snow, and the fires burning away in the wood stove. However, I will say that the only way I feel I’ve been able to enjoy winter is to find activities I can do that are enjoyable, along with dressing warmly ALL THE TIME. Slippers, layers of clothing, snow pants when I go out to walk the dog are all necessary so to avoid hating the season. 🙂

Winter wear is actually one of those things that I have said is worth investing the money into.  You want decent quality winter clothing to keep you warm and happy all winter long.


This is also the season where you may be wondering what to do on a snow day when the buses aren’t running or school is cancelled.  This list has it’s fair share of indoor fun for kids as well!  Of course, snow days are also perfect for bundling up the kids and sending them outside to play in the snow while you enjoy a hot cup of coffee in quiet.  If you drink it fast enough you may not have to re-heat it again before the kids come back in. When they come back in you can find some indoor games for them to play and books to read and everyone is kept busy and happy.

Even if you are one who hates winter, try incorporating some of these activities to make the season go by quicker!  You’ll find things you can do yourself, or family activities if you are looking for some company.


Build a snowman

Go ice skating -either on a pond, on a rink in your backyard that you made, or at an arena. Many arenas offer free skating from time to time. And buy your ice skates at a thrift store!

Go sledding

Visit the library

Read some of the classics with your kids like Little Women, Tom Sawyer, or Anne of Green Gables

Make igloos out of tiny marshmallows and toothpicks

Do some baking

Drink hot chocolate by the fire (try this homemade recipe!)

Have a winter bonfire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows (after sledding!)

Build an indoor fort with blankets and furniture

Build a snow fort outdoors

Have a Netflix marathon watching your favorite TV series

Go on a winter trail walk

Have a chili cook off with friends (the perfect winter comfort food that is also frugal to make!)

Make frugal bird feeders like these ones HERE.

Make paper snowflakes

Have a “friendly” snowball fight

Make snow angels

Make snow ice cream

Build a 1000 piece puzzle

Have a board game night

Take in a local community hockey game

Visit a museum (inquire about sales on the entrance fee)

Write letters to friends and family or a pen pal

Invite friends over for coffee or tea and just chat

Knit, crochet, or sew something

Plan out your garden


There are always things to do in winter that can help you enjoy the season a little more.  You don’t need a lot of money to be able to have some fun when it is chilly outside! Embrace the season with this list of fun activities and remember that Spring will eventually make an appearance again.

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