19 Reasons why you Should go to the Library

The library is a place full of excitement and wonder, but with the Internet and the rise of ebooks, is the library a thing of the past?

go to the library

The library is one of my favorite places to go. We live in the country so our library is quite small compared to a library in the city, but nonetheless it’s a place of magic to me. I don’t believe libraries are a thing of the past.

Since my kids were small we have been making frequent trips to the library. When they were so busy as toddlers and preschoolers it was a great place to get board books that would hold their attention for a short while.

Now that my kids are 11, 9, and 6, it has become one of their favorite places too. They beg to go. They take out multiple books and spend hours upon hours engrossed in them. I’m not going to lie, library day is the quietest day of my week. After we come home from a trip to the library they quickly disappear to find a cozy spot in the house to read their books.

While there is nothing like holding a real book or even smelling that old book smell (I know book lovers will agree with me on this one) libraries have become a place full of services and resources that go beyond hard copy books.

Yes, you can go get an old-fashioned book at the library still, but that doesn’t mean libraries are archaic. They have changed with the times, and there are a ton of ways libraries can benefit you in this modern society.

Let’s talk today about all the reasons why you should go to the library.


It creates a love of reading. My kids all enjoy reading. Each one has a different preference when it comes to the books they like to read. My oldest prefers chapter books, my middle prefers fact books, and my youngest loves picture books.

Not only do they read their books the minute they get home, they bring those books with them in the car, or to church, to appointments, or in their beds to catch a bit of reading time before they go to sleep (or there are those times I hear the pages turn AFTER bedtime. We all did it as kids, and I can think of worse things for my kids to be sneakily doing.)

Reading teaches them a greater vocabulary. Sometimes the words out of my children’s mouths surprise me. They are articulate and speak with words I probably didn’t know the meaning of at their age. There are times they say a word and I ask them where they learned it, and 9 out of 10 times they say “from a book.”

It reduces screen time. We live in a world where we are all bombarded with screens, whether it be the computer, an Ipad, a cellphone, or a TV. We have all seen the articles of the negative affects of too much screen time.

Any time we are reading a hard copy book means less time in front of the screen. It’s good for our brains.

They can benefit from other amazing programs at the library. These days libraries often offer more than just books. Our local library offers art classes, craft nights, special programs for kids during March break and summer, and so much more! Libraries have become a place that goes beyond books.

You can borrow eBooks. Okay, maybe you are one of those people who have fallen in love with eBooks and there is no changing that. Well, many libraries have eBooks now that you can check out. Depending on your library, you may be able to check out eBooks from the comfort of your own home!

They offer classes. Libraries often offer various classes like personal development classes, GED preparation, learning how to navigate the Internet or computer easily, and so much more.

You can sometimes buy books. There are times libraries need to free up space on their shelves and often when that happens they sell the books they are getting rid of at super cheap prices. Sometimes if you are really lucky they may just give them away for free.

Libraries build a sense of community. While I know it also depends on the size of your library, if you go often enough you get to know the people behind the counter. You even may get to know the other patrons at the library. Whenever I go to our local library I am greeted by employees who have gotten to know my family and I over the years and there is a sense of community in that.

It’s frugal. Taking out books is free. If you are looking for a cheap family activity, this is it! Activities for kids these days can be so costly and if you are like me, you are looking for serious ways to live on less these days. When you start using the library frequently your kids come to love it too, and what better fun for the kids then something that won’t break the bank?

It builds responsibility.  A library card is a great way to teach kids the value of being trusted with taking care of things.  Buidling responsibility in our kids while they are young will help them as they grow.

Access to the Internet. Many libraries have free Wifi and computers connected to the internet. With those options it is a great place to get some quiet work done for yourself, or any homework your kids may need to do in an atmosphere that offers a studious environment.

It is full of reliable resources for research.  The Internet is an amazing place, but most people know that there are a ton of unreliable resources online.  When you go to the library you can trust that the resources are quality information with a better chance of being accurate.

You can borrow cds and movies. Libraries aren’t just a place to check out books. You can also checkout Cds, DVDs, and in some cases VHS. Our family was sure to borrow some Christmas movies this past year since we don’t have cable or satellite. It was a great way to still watch some of the holiday classics without paying a bunch of money.

They offer printing services. Need something printed off the computer or photocopied? Many libraries offer these services for a small fee.

There is “Story” time. When my kids were younger we always enjoyed staying busy. Story time at the library is a perfect way to get you out of the house with your little ones and keep them entertained!

There are magazines and newspapers to read. Sometimes it’s nice to take in a good old-fashioned newspaper or magazine. There is something about the smell of those pages that make you feel relaxed.

They have information on history. Most libraries have a genealogy department. If you are looking for some history on the community you live in, the library is the place to go looking for it.

Librarians are super smart and helpful people. Looking for a book? They’ll help you find it. Need suggestions of what to read? They’ll offer you ideas to fit your needs. Trying to get your little one to read more? They’ll give you ideas on how to do that.

It’s a quiet space. Do you need some down time? Do you just need to get out of the house and find a place that is quiet? The library is the perfect place for that, and many have insanely comfortable chairs. It’s a great place to go and pull out a book or magazine or newspaper, find one of their chairs in the corner, and hide yourself away from the world for a little while.


The library is full of amazing resources. If you haven’t made a trip to the library recently, you definitely should.

Every once in awhile in a conversation with someone I will discover that they used to use the library at one time, but they either lost a book or have racked up such huge late fees that they are embarrassed to go back in.

If that is you, I would say to go in to your local library and just talk to your librarian. Explain the situation. More often than not they will usually work with you to find a solution. Librarians are usually book lovers as well and they love to see others using the library and if they can work with you to figure out how you can pay your fines or replace a lost book, they usually will.

Take it from someone who has been there with high fines – a lot of us have been there and you are not alone. 🙂 So don’t let that discourage you from paying down your fine and using the library again!

Of course, I couldn’t write a post about all the positives of using the library without sharing some of our family’s favorite books!


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Books for kids:

Imagination Station, by Marianne Hering – These are good for probably grades 5 and up. These books are based on the christian audio broadcast, Adventures in Odyssey.

Grandma’s Attic, by Arleta Richardson – This is a new series my 11 year old daughter has just tried out this year and she absolutely loved them. The stories in these books are all about life in simpler times.

The Cul-de-Sac Kids, by Beverley Lewis – This is a great series for kids just starting chapter books.

The Magic Treehouse, by Mary Pope Osborne – Again, this is another great series for new chapter book readers.

How to Train your Dragon, by Cressida Cowell – This series is based on the movie and well-loved here.

Clarice Bean series, by Lauren Child – This is a good series for ages 8-11, and tends to be favored more by girls than boys.

National Geographic Bet You Didn’t Know – These books are great for those who have kids that you would like to encourage to read more but they don’t seem to enjoy chapter books. My son loves these books full of facts and pictures. They are pretty big books so it provides hours of reading!

Lego Playbook – Ideas to Bring your Bricks to Life, by Daniel Lipkowitz– This book is great to encourage kids to build things from Lego based on instructions in the book. I think my kids have taken this book out multiple times they love it so much!

Books for adults:

The Backyard Homestead – This is the first book in a series and is absolutely great for people new to homesteading, whether on a small or larger lot.

The Tightwad Gazette, by Amy Dacyczen ( I think I took this one out from the library about 4 times before I finally caved and bought my own copy!)

Girl, Wash your Face, by Rachel Hollis – A great motivational book for those who need an extra kick in the pants to reach their goals. This book is quite popular right now so I’m sure you’ve probably already heard of it. 🙂

Amish series by Beverley Lewis – While I rarely read fiction, when I do get the chance I love the Amish fiction books. Beverley Lewis has written so many good ones.


Picking up a book is one of those activities that you never find yourself saying, “well, I wish I had never spent time reading.” Usually we don’t feel like it is wasted time. When we read we often feel that we’ve done something that is good for us.

The library is a place that can benefit your whole family. If you haven’t been for awhile why not make a point to go again? You won’t be bored or disappointed. Make a point to go to the library this week and get lost in a book or two.  If it’s winter curl up on an armchair under a blanket with a hot drink and a book, or if it’s summer lounge around in a hammock as you read the afternoon away!

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3 thoughts on “19 Reasons why you Should go to the Library”

  1. We love the local library! Library day is always a highlight of our week. And I agee, often the most quiet as the kids sort the the new pile of books. I often unsuspectingly throw in a good history, cooking ,or greography book into the kids checkout pile and enjoy watching them read them all and learn something to boot.

  2. libraries play a vital role in ensuring that children get used to library materials and they develop courage to stand infront of their friends to read stories as we help to spell some words they are unable to pronounce, yet they are a good team to work with, some are keen to read every source they come across. what is important is that they develop love of visiting the library read and learn, Enock (RSA)

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