21 Foods that Freeze Well

I hate having food waste. Yet, it seems to happen in this house more than I’d like it to. Things get forgotten in the back of the fridge, and before I know it, the food I pull out to use isn’t looking so hot.  (I mean, not that it should be hot, since it IS a fridge, but you know what I mean.) 

21 Foods that Freeze Well

That’s why knowing the foods that freeze well is so important in eliminating food waste.  Over the year I’ve learned how to freeze eggs, how to freeze cheese, and a whole other list of foods I never knew I could freeze before.

frozen food

Let’s be honest, sometimes things in the fridge get to the point where it looks like a science experiment.

Or is that just me?  Please, please tell me that isn’t just me.  If anything, just to make me feel better. 🙂

I’m so not a fan of fridge cleaning day. Give me a bathroom to clean, or animals to clean up after, but please, no fridge to clean.

The problem is, it’s unavoidable.  We all use fridges.

But, it is a little easier when there is less food waste. And there is less food waste when we deal with our food BEFORE it starts getting…..well,…..downright gross.

One way to make sure there is less food waste is to freeze foods you know that you can’t use before they’ll go bad.

Foods that you can freeze can also save you money. If there is a sale on an item that is a perishable food but freezes well, you are able to stock up on it when it hits rock bottom price.

It’s a great practice to have a price list to track what your lowest prices are that you can get certain groceries so that you can wait till it drops to that price again before you run out and buy a bunch.

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I don’t know about you, but food has a knack of getting buried into the bottom of the deep freeze never to be seen or heard from again. You don’t want that to happen to you. We want to save money, not lose money by freezing food.

For storing food in the freezer, I use a mixture of mason jars (be sure to loosen the lid while freezing so they don’t break!), freezer bags, and plastic storage containers like these ones here.

One secret to taking the air out of a freezer bag is to stick a straw in the corner, zip up the bag as tight as it will go with the straw sticking out, then suck the air out of it.  Basically, it’s the frugal “food saver”. 🙂

Also, if the bags did not hold raw meat, I have no problem washing freezer bags and reusing them.

Anyways, take a look at foods you can freeze to prevent food spoilage and save on cash.




I almost never buy cheese at full price. I have to be pretty desperate to pay full price because where I live, when it is on sale you save a LOT! Full price cheese is super expensive.

Early on I had to figure out how to freeze cheese to take advantage of these savings.  Cheese IS freezable, but you don’t want to just through a whole block of cheese in your freezer or it will get crumbly and ruined. You want to grate it first, then stick it in a freezer bag.


Yes, you can freeze eggs, but no, don’t try and put a whole egg in your freezer. With owning chickens I needed to know how to freeze eggs when I couldn’t keep up with eating them. 

To freeze them you crack the eggs, whisk, and then pour into an ice cube tray. Once frozen you can put them in a freezer bag. You can pull one out when a recipe calls for an egg, or you can make scrambled eggs for breakfast.


Butter is another food I really like to buy on sale because full price is not cheap. Butter is super easy to freeze. Just pop it in the freezer as is and take it out when you need it.


Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries – they all freeze well. During the height of berry season we like to pick a bunch, and then after I’ve washed them all (and hulled them if they are strawberries) I lay them on a cookie sheet and flash freeze them.

Once they are frozen I put them in a freezer bag. This prevents them from sticking to each other and leaving you with one big, squished blob of fruit.


You know when those bananas are starting to turn brown? It’s a perfect time to freeze them for smoothies or baking! Peel the bananas, lay them on a cookie sheet and freeze them that way.

Once frozen you can stick them in a freezer bag and pull one out every time you need one.


Unsure of what to do with all that zucchini you got from your garden? You can grate zucchini and put it in freezer bags. I like to put 2 cups of zucchini in each bag.

Then, when it’s time to make zucchini bread I just pull out a bag. You will need to drain off the excess liquid from it before baking with it though.


For years I struggled with keeping my yeast active. I would go to bake some bread and it wouldn’t rise. I eventually discovered that yeast actually does better in the freezer. I’m never had a problem since always freezing my yeast.


Soup broth is so easy to make, and once you make it you can keep it in the freezer so it’s available at a later date for when you are making a big pot of soup!

I use mason jars or plastic containers. Be sure to keep your mason jar lid a little loose while freezing to keep it from breaking. I’ve broken more mason jars than I can count by not doing this.


We eat pizza on a weekly basis here. Do you know that you can make the pizzas ahead, freeze them, and pull them out when it’s time to eat?

It’s a perfect solution to prevent ordering pizza when you have a bunch of them in your freezer and all you have to do is pull one out when you are ready. You can check out our favorite homemade pizza recipe here. I also included freezer instructions in that post.


I have yet to figure out how to have enough muffins left over to freeze once the family gets through them, but, if you are the kind that has muffins on the brink of going stale before you can eat them, pop them in the freezer.

The same can be done for things like banana and pumpkin bread.


You can freeze pasta sauce in freezer safe containers or freezer bags. I like to lay the freezer bags down flat and freeze them that way. Then you can pile them up on top of each other to take up less room in your freezer.


This is another food I like to freeze flat on a cookie sheet and then toss them in a freezer bag. You can actually take the pancakes out and put them in a toaster to heat them up!


I struggle to get through the bag of spinach before it starts going bad. You can blend up spinach with a tiny bit of water to get the blender moving, then pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. This is perfect for smoothies which is really my main way of using spinach.


You can dice your onions or slice them into rings, toss them into freezer bags, and away you go! Be sure to not dice them up too finely or they may turn to mush. You want to freeze onions in a thin layer, so lay down your freezer bag when freezing so that it will freeze flat.


You can freeze milk, but if your milk comes in a jug (ours is in a bag over here in most of Canada:) ) be sure to pour some off the top to prevent the jug from busting as it will expand when it freezes.


To prevent your little seeds of nutrition powerhouses going rancid before you can get through the bag, toss them in the freezer and store them in there.


Freeze fresh herbs by chopping them up, mixing them with a little bit of water, and tossing them in ice cube trays. Once frozen just pop them out and store them in a freezer bag.


Again, another food to freeze to prevent them from going rancid too quickly.


We often buy discounted meat like chicken, beef, and pork, that is going to expire the day we purchase it. We toss it in the freezer and it stays good until we need it.


Avocados tend to get mushy after freezing, so if you are going to freeze avocados then it is best to use them for dip, dressings, or smoothies. Blend up the avocados and mix in some lemon juice and stick it in the freezer.

You can also freeze avocados diced or halved with lemon juice, but since your avocados are going to be mushy anyways, pureeing them before freezing makes more sense to me.


Yes, you can freeze tomatoes, but again, this is another food that will come out mushy from the freezer, so if you are freezing them you want to use them for sauce or salsa or something like that. 

Basically, frozen tomatoes are great to cook with, not so great to just eat raw. This is a great option if you have a garden and are waiting to have enough tomatoes to make sauce from.

If you are wondering how to freeze tomatoes, you can just toss them into a freezer bag until you have enough to make a batch of sauce. You can freeze them with our without their skins on. Freeze them in a freezer bag.



Knowing what foods freeze well can go a long way in helping you prevent food waste in the kitchen, and therefore saving you money! You don’t need the biggest sized freezer either for this kind of thing.

We have just a smaller cube freezer that has worked well for us over the years. Even the freezer attached to your fridge can help you save money if you use it efficiently.

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You can reduce food waste and save money by freezing foods. Know what freezes well.
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11 thoughts on “21 Foods that Freeze Well”

  1. I tried to freeze carrots once when they were on sale at an amazing price. I bought 3 10lb bags of them and threw them straight into the freezer. What a big mistake! I ended up with 30lbs of carrot mush. I later found out that you have to blanch them first then put them in a bowl of ice water immediately to stop the cooking process then you can freeze them. lol

  2. For bananas, I just leave them in the peel and pull them out either the night before I need to make banana bread, cake or muffins to defrost them, or I defrost them slowly in the microwave. Works great and no freezer burn!

    1. I freeze mushrooms and bell peppers. Chop or slice them then portion into Ziploc baggies. Perfect straight from the freezer for any casseroles etc.

  3. Wow, I am older than you, no matter how old you are! I have never thought of freezing eggs! Thanks, I will try it. With this virus going around we are trying to stay home, shop less and use all our food and garden! ❤

      1. I don’t know about you but buying boxed crackers always seem to go stale before they get eaten they also freeze really well and we always have ‘fresh’ crackers for those snacks and it saves money toos

        1. When they stopped putting trans fat in crackers they stared getting rancid pretty quickly. The good thing about trans fat is it’s stability. Doesn’t outweigh it’s drawbacks.

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