How to Make a Christmas Planter

Today’s post idea comes from a good friend of mine who told me a blog about how to make a Christmas planter would be something others might be interested in.  So, if you are one of those people who want to know how to decorate outside planters for Christmas, keep reading!

Christmas Planter

Truth be told, my first response to my friend was, “there’s no way I can make a planter that looks pretty.”  I’m not really good in the decor department.

Turns out, it isn’t that hard.  Actually, it’s insanely easy, and the best part is that you could whip one up for free!  Mine cost me only $1.25 for the bow I bought for the front of it.  The truth is, if I can do it anyone can do it, and frankly I wish I knew how easy and cheap these were to make because I would have done this years ago.  It barely took any time too which is always a plus in my household because, you know – mom life.

The bucket I used to hold the Christmas planter was just an old rusty bucket I had lying around.  But even if I had to buy it new it would have only cost me a few dollars since I originally bought that bucket at the dollar store years ago.  You could really use any container you have on hand that can withstand the elements outside. You could even make a beautiful wooden box for it.  

As for the items I used in my planter, all it took was a walk in the woods, and a look around my property to find what I needed.  You can use whatever works for you, there’s no one size fits all.  All you need is a bit of creativity and you can make something very beautiful and Christmas-y for free or a cheap price!

Now, let’s say you live on a tiny property and you don’t have the woods close by to find treasures for your Christmas planter.  That’s okay.  You CAN buy evergreen branches, birch bark sticks, and more for your planter if you like.  Of course, that means it’s no longer free or super cheap but sometimes beauty costs, am I right? 🙂  You may be able to score some cheap store bought supplies for your planter if you keep your eye out for deals at this time of year.

Whatever way you choose to make it, you can create a beautiful Christmas planter.  Read the steps below to find out how to decorate ouside planters for Christmas in no time at all.


You’ll want to first gather all the things you will use in your planter.   Here I am using different kinds of pine and evergreen branches, some grapevine branches, a piece of a birch stick, pinecones, and some red stuff that I think is a type of sumac – the non poisonous kind that grows on my property so I felt fine using it. 

The planter is going outdoors and I don’t plan to eat it so I’m not too concerned about it being in the planter.  I was hoping to use some red berries, but you know, berry season is over so I’d have to get fake ones if I wanted to, and I’m trying to keep this as cheap as possible, so we are skipping the berries.


Find a container or bucket you want to use.  I like mine to have character, so this nice, old rusty bucket was perfect.  (Plus, the price was right since it was free as I already owned it.)


The next thing you want to do is fill it with some dirt.  This is going to hold everything in place.  Hopefully you don’t have a frozen ground already or this part might be tricky.  We had a huge snowfall recently but it melted not long after so I took the opportunity to grab the dirt in the middle of our temporary thaw.


Now, start  stuffing things in that dirt and arrange the planter to look how you want!  I made sure to really stuff mine with branches.  I wanted the planter very full.


I stuck the stems in nice and deep to give it more stability.  If you are in an area like I live it will eventually freeze and that will prevent the branches from going anywhere for a LONG time.

Add a bow if you want, and you are done!

decorate outside planters for Christmas

See how absolutely easy it is?  Perfect for someone like me who seriously lacks in the design and decorating department.  I mean, I can stuff sticks and branches in a pot of dirt.  That I can do.  If only all decorating was this easy, I’d actually be a pro at it. 🙂

A Christmas arrangement for outside like this one looks perfect on the front step.  That’s where I put mine and it makes me smile just looking at it.   You can make a couple of them for different locations on your property or on your porch if you want. I can’t wait to see it in the snow for an even more festive look.  


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