40 Fun and Cheap Activities to do in Spring

Here in Canada it has felt like this year we may actually have an eternal Winter. We still have snow melting from an ice storm we had this past weekend. However, the forecast for this coming weekend finally promises Spring-like weather! With Spring weather comes the need to get out and enjoy it. Our family loves being outdoors on beautiful days, but we have a tight budget so we are always looking for some fun and cheap activities to do in Spring.Fun and Cheap

If you are wanting to go out and enjoy the nice weather but you don’t want it to ruin your budget, read on. Here is a list of 40 fun and cheap activities to do in Spring.

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  1. Have a picnic

  2. Go for a trail walk

  3. Have a bonfire

  4. Go on a bike ride

  5. Go on a scavenger hunt

  6. Go bird watching

  7. plant a garden

  8. Play with chalk

  9. Blow bubbles

  10. Make bird feeders from recycled materials

  11. Visit conservation areas

  12. Play frisbee

  13. Feed the ducks

  14. Have a BBQ with friends

  15. Go fishing

  16. Play in the rain

  17. Fly a kite

  18. Visit a local farm to see the spring animal babies

  19. Take photos of nature

  20. Go geocaching

  21. Go stargazing

  22. Have a yard sale

  23. Read a book outside

  24. Build a birdhouse

  25. visit a local farmer’s market

  26. Make an obstacle course in your backyard

  27. Skip rocks at a lake.

  28. Go jogging

  29. Camp in the backyard

  30. Attend free local outdoor Spring events in your community

  31. Go rollerblading

  32. Drink lemonade while relaxing in a lawn chair

  33. Wash your vehicle (kids LOVE to play with wet sponges!)

  34. Take up slacklining

  35. Go for a beach walk

  36. Build a backyard fort

  37. Make a tire swing

  38. Visit a playground

  39. Go tree climbing

  40. Keep a nature journal

Springtime can be full of fun without forking out a ton of money. Be sure to try out some of these fun and cheap activities this Spring!

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