5 Mobile Money Apps that can save you Cash

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am always looking for ways to save money.  Little ways or big ways, they all add up.  Using, what I like to call  “mobile money apps” to save money is a great way to put extra cash in your pocket.

mobile money apps

It’s hard to believe that years ago we didn’t even have mobile phones.  When I was a teenager I knew no one with a cell phone but this one guy.  He only had the cell phone because his mom made him take it, and when he had to call her while at the mall he made sure his hoodie was covering most of the phone so no one could see him using it.

Hard to think someone could be embarrassed using a cell phone, but back then when they were fairly new it wasn’t the cool thing to do!  Of course, they were insanely huge at that time.  Definitely not as sleek looking as they are now!

Anyways, now that I’ve just dated myself, let’s get on to the real reason you are reading this post.

It really feels like there is an app for everything, and when it comes to the financial community, it is no different.  There are so many different apps, but there is only so much storage on a phone. 🙂  Today I want to share with you some of my favorite money saving apps, and how they can benefit you.

As long as you have a cell phone, which, most people do these days, you can download any or all of these to your phone today!

My 5 Favorite Mobile Money Apps to Help you Save Cash

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CHECKOUT 51. This was probably the first mobile money app I ever downloaded to my phone and I love it.  Basically, it’s a rebate program, but you don’t have to fill out a form, put a stamp on an envelope and send it away only to finally receive your rebate in 2-4 weeks.  You simply click on the offers you want to claim the rebate for, and after purchasing them on your shopping trip you take a picture of the receipt and upload it.

Every Thursday morning your app will receive new offers, which in my area coincides with flyer day!  🙂  Remember, if you happen to redeem an offer that happens to already be on sale, than you’ve just got double savings!

Once you reach $20 in cashback you can request a check to be sent to you.  Some offers can be claimed more than once.   Why not get cashback for groceries you were already going to buy anyways?

GROUPON. Most people have heard of Groupon and many of you have probably visited the site online.  But did you know there is an app too?  Groupon is an app that allows you to punch in your location and it will give you a list of deals you can take advantage of.  Deals include local events and activities, merchandise, trips and lodging, classes and services, and a whole lot more!  I always look on Groupon first when I am wanting to take my children to somewhere exciting for a day. I have found deals on things like bowling and waterparks on Groupon that the whole family can enjoy.

With the app you can customize your deal preferences to be sure you only see the deals that might interest you.  You can also subscribe to receive notifications of deals from multiple cities which is great when you are on vacation or away from home and looking to save money!

FLIPP. I absolutely LOVE Flipp.  It is an app that allows you to view all your flyers right from your phone.   This is especially helpful when price matching.  If you are grocery shopping and need to price match you can just pull our your phone to show the cashier the flyer.

You can search for any item and it will bring up where it is for sale in all the flyers, and for how much.  So, for example,  if I want to buy eggs, I can type in eggs and it will bring up eggs from all the competing stores.  I can now easily see who is selling it for the cheapest price.

You can also make a grocery list simply by tapping on the product in the flyer.  you can then print your list or load it on your Flipp app.

It even allows you to combine your list with a friend by giving you a link to send the invitation to someone.  This is an awesome tool for those who may need a friend or family member to pick up a few things for them.  Or how about sending it to the husband to make sure he doesn’t forget anything on the list?

I’m sure it’s pretty evident, but I LOVE Flipp.

GASBUDDY.  Gas prices can be painful.  The GasBuddy app allows you to find the cheapest gas prices wherever you are located.  You can select the grade of gas you want and it will give you the price for that grade.

You can also earn points by reviewing stations or reporting gas prices, along with other challenges.   These points allow you to enter to win free gas cards.

CADDLE. I love this mobile money app as well, but I will say that Caddle is unfortunately only available in Canada. Caddle was also featured on the show, Dragon’ Den.

It works similarly to Checkout51, where you upload receipts to redeem cashback rebates.

However, on top of the cashback coupons, there are short surveys you can do that will help you accumulate some more cashback.  When you reach $20, you can request a payout.

Sometimes I find the everchanging technology overwhelming and hard to embrace.  I am the worst for not knowing how to operate my cell phone properly, ask all my friends whom I’ve butt-dialed.

But I can’t deny the benefits of keeping up with the times when it comes to saving money on these devices.  If there is a way to save money, I want to be doing it.

This is just a small sampling.  There are so many more mobile money apps than the 5 I just listed when it comes to saving money, such as budgeting apps and expense monitoring.  I have just shared the ones I use the most which I feel can provide you with savings that can add up.

I definitely want to encourage you to try out what I think are some of the best money saving apps.

What about you?  Do you use mobile money apps on your phone to save yourself some cash?  Have I missed any really good ones that you think should have been on this list?





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