Daily Budget Apps – which one is right for you?

Budgeting is the key to managing your finances.  If you don’t have a good budget system, chances are you will struggle with keeping track of your money.  Daily budget apps are an excellent tool that can keep your financial situation under control.

daily budget apps

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Gone are the days where your only option to budget was a piece of paper and a pencil.  Technology has made it so that there are so many different ways you can keep a budget that will help you succeed when it comes to your financial goals.

I love a good app.  I’ve already shared in previous posts how I love the Checkout51 app, a cashback program I downloaded to my phone to save money on groceries.  I think it’s pretty awesome that we don’t have to sit down and cut out coupons anymore to save when we shop.  All we need to do is bring our phones!

When it comes to daily budget apps, there is no shortage of options.  Today I am going to share with you some of the most popular budget apps.  No matter what your lifestyle, there is an app that can work for you.  Budgeting apps can help you curb your spending, track your expenses, pay down debt, and grow your savings.

In this list of daily budgeting apps there are ones that are free, as well as apps that offer more features for a cost.  Basically, there is a budgeting app for every budget!  If you don’t have one on your phone, download one today to give you more control over your finances.


YNAB -YNAB stands for “You Need A Budget”.  YNAB is available as an app for Android or iPhone, or use it on the web, your ipad, your Apple Watch, or even with your Alexa.  They have given you every possible way to use this app, there’s no excuse anymore to NOT have a budget.  You can connect all your bank accounts to this app so that you can keep track of money coming in and going out.  You can sync devices so that  means you and your spouse can be on the same page when it comes to what is going on with your finances.

It also gives you warnings when you overspend, and allows you to track your financial goals.   The website is chock full of podcasts, newsletters, and webinars to help you manage your money.  There is a price for this app, which is $6.99 a month, but they do have a 34 day free trial you can sign up for.  They also have a 100%, no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Mint –  Again, this app can connect with your bank accounts.  It sends you alerts of upcoming bills so that you can avoid late fees.  Because, let’s be honest, it’s the worst when you pay a late fee on a bill all because you forgot about it.  Mint will alert you if you are going over budget, if you are being charged fees, if your balance is running low,  or if there is any suspicious activity happening with your bank account.  You  also can get a free credit summary with this app.  Mint is available for iphone, Android, or access it from your computer.  The best part of Mint?  It’s completely free.

WallyThis app let’s you keep track of all your expenses, and compares your income to what you are spending.  It also allows you to set financial goals.  It allows you to take pictures of receipts and saves them for your records.  Wally is available for the iphone or Android and is a little more of a limited app as you can not connect to your financial institutions among other things.  However, this app is completely free.

GoodBudget – this shared budget app is perfect for families.  This app is available for Android, iphone, as well as the option to use it on the web from your computer.  Goodbudget uses the envelope system method when it comes to keeping track and managing your expenses. This means you will create “envelopes” for every category in your budget with an allotted amount to spend. This app syncs between devices so couples both know what is going on.  Goodbudget seems to really value openness and honesty in relationships because they really put the emphasis on couples not hiding their purchases from eachother with this app.  With this app there is a free option, and an upgrade $6.00 a month option, or you can pay $50 upfront for the whole year.

Everydollar – This is a budget app by the financial guru, Dave Ramsey.  This app will track your spending and allows you to sync your devices to stay up to date on what is going on with your money.  There is a free basic version but it does not allow you to connect with your bank account.  You need to upgrade to the Everydollar Plus if you want that feature along with other extras, which is $99/year.

Mvelopes – This app allows you to connect the program to your bank accounts or credit card accounts.  It is available for Android, iphone, or the web.  Mvelopes offers various features depending on which of the 3 packages you choose from.  There is the basic one from $4/month, Mvelopes Plus for $19/month, or the Mvelopes Complete for $59 a month.  The Mvelopes complete even has a personal finance coach that calls you every month to keep you on track.

Pocketguard – Pocketguard is another app that links your bank accounts and credit card and loan accounts.  It tracks your income and expenses and allows you to set goals.  This app will show you how you can save more money, based on your budget and your spending habits. Pocketguard is another app that has a free option, as well as an upgrade to Pocketguard Plus for $3.99/month or $34.99/year.  This app is available on iphone or Android.

Spendee – This app, available for Android and iphone allows you to connect your bank accounts, as well as syncing with other family members devices so that everyone is up to date on your finances (though that option is only available in the paid packages.).  You will be alerted when there are upcoming bills so that you don’t miss a payment.  Spendee has three options to choose from when it comes to pricing.  There is basic, which is free,   Spendee Plus, which is $14.99 a year, and Spendee Premium which will run you $22.99 a year.


Money management is so important because it allows you to live without the stress and strain that debt and constant lack of money puts on us. You will sleep better.  You will worry less.  You will feel a sense of freedom if you are living within your means.

Budgeting is such an important factor in managing your money well.  If you are the type that does not like to do things in a notebook but prefers to use your computer or your phone, check out some of the above daily budget apps.  Whether you are looking for a shared budget app or an app that is free or an app that you can download to any device, this list has options for everyone.  Budgeting apps can make the difference in whether you are saving or not, or paying down debt instead of letting it pile up.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Budget Apps – which one is right for you?”

  1. It drives my accountant daughter crazy that I keep the budget in a ledger with paper and pencil but it works well for me and I have done it that way for decades so I am sticking with it! Right now I am trying to get the hang of iBotta and wondering if I will ever get enough to even get a payout.

    1. My husband uses Mint but I prefer pencil and paper too. Lol. I have not used Ibotta yet but know other people who do and love it.

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