How to Make Money for Christmas with These side Hustles

We literally JUST started Fall, and I adore all things Fall, but in the back of my mind I have Christmas. and sometimes you gotta figure out how to make money for Christmas.

make money for christmas

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Frugal people know that one of the best ways you can be successful in saving money is by being prepared.  While deep down I can really enjoy spontaneity, add too much of that in your life and you’ll discover that often that spontaneity can cost you.

Whether it’s buying your lunch because you didn’t pack it when out for the day, or not having the cash for Christmas presents because you waited till December to give it any thought.

So that is why I am a planner.  I think about things long before they actually happen.  That way I can start brainstorming how I will creatively save or pay for whatever it is I am preparing for.

And that is why, here in September, I am writing a Christmas post.

Expect to see more of that. 🙂

Anyways, a couple weeks ago I already jumped on the Christmas bandwagon and wrote about ways to save money for Christmas. However, today I wanted to focus specifically on making money for Christmas by working a side hustle.

But if you have no money for Christmas with your current budget, you may want to think beyond savings.  Your best bet might be to find some work, and fast before the holidays are here.

Well, I have good news.  When it comes to pulling in some extra dollars before Christmas by working, you’ve got options.  If you need money for Christmas but aren’t sure what to do, keep reading because today I’m going to share with you some of the ways you can make money for Christmas in the coming months.


Apply for a seasonal part-time retail job.  Tons of stores hire extra employees just for the Christmas season.  With the increase in shopping leading up to the holidays, many stores find it too difficult to keep up with the demand with their current employees.  The local malls are HUGE places to find those kinds of positions, but many, many other stores hire seasonal employees as well.

Babysit for busy parents.  While babysitting can bring you in extra cash anytime of the year, many people have Christmas work parties or other holiday engagements that they need a sitter for.  Put the word out and offer your services.

Offer gift-wrapping services.  Who likes wrapping gifts?  Not me.  I don’t believe I am alone in this.  Offer your own personal gift wrapping services or look into getting hired for a gift-wrapping service that is offered during the holidays.  Again, this is a service I always find the Malls offer.

Do surveys from home.  Is working outside the home not an option but you would really like to make a bit of extra money?  Doing surveys is a great option.  While it won’t get you rich fast, it could bring you in an extra hundred dollars per month if you work at it.  Looking for some good survey companies to try out?    Check out Survey Junkie, or VIP Voice Panel.

Become a mystery shopper.  I’ve done mystery shopping in the past and it has put some extra cash in my pocket when things were tight, for things such as Christmas.  It’s kind of fun too, going into a store and feeling a bit like a spy.

Sell your creations at craft shows.  If you are the creative type and have something to sell, consider getting involved in some local craft shows.  Christmas is the time of year there are more craft shows being offered, often with higher foot traffic than other times of the year.  Just make sure your craft isn’t costing you more money than you are bringing in!  You can also consider selling your wares on Etsy, though it often takes time to build up a clientele to bring in some sales.

Earn gift cards with Swagbucks.  While Swagbucks offers surveys, it stands out from the other survey companies because there are ways to earn gift cards on the site besides doing surveys.  Simple searches on the internet, watching videos, special challenges, and even just shopping online can all earn you points towards gift cards.  I have used Swagbucks gift cards for Christmas many times in the past, and will continue this year.

Offer services on Fiverr.  What is Fiverr you ask?  It’s a site that you can offer a service to others for a fee.  This could be proofreading or writing, singing a birthday song for someone, creating graphic designs, and the list goes on, and on, and on!

Sell some items on Craigslist.  I find decluttering before Christmas is always a good thing because I’m going to need to make room for our new Christmas stash.  Why not consider selling some of those items you declutter to pay for, you know…the new clutter you’re going to add to your house – especially if you have kids like I do. 🙂

Tutor.  School is in full swing right now and by this point there are kids out there needing some help in their studies.  If you excel at a certain subject, why not consider tutoring?  The beauty of tutoring these days is that you aren’t limited to tutoring in person anymore.  You can tutor online as well.  If you are interested in teaching English as a second language, try applying to work for VIPKid which is a program designed to teach kids in China from the comfort of your own home, through your computer.

Freelance.  If you enjoy writing, submit some articles to sites or magazines that pay.  A few of my favorite sites that take submissions that also pay for accepted writing pieces are Her View from Home, and The Penny Hoarder.  Before you submit an article anywhere, always be sure that they pay if that is what you are looking for, because not every site or magazine does.



These are just some of the ways you can make extra money for Christmas.  Remember that if you also work your hardest to cut back on expenses and save extra cash, you will be in a better spot when it comes to paying for all that comes along with Christmas.

We make a point of not going into debt for Christmas.  It’s no fun paying for Christmas months after the decorations have all been put away.  Try a side hustle to make enough money to avoid Christmas debt, but above all, don’t spend what you don’t have!  Christmas can be modest and just as amazing and special for you and your family.  Decide that this year you won’t be putting holiday expenses on credit.  You will enjoy feeling the peace of having it all paid for upfront.

The Christmas countdown is on!

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