DIY Barnboard Sign

I have been in love with reclaimed barnboard signs ever since they started appearing everywhere.  So I was super excited when my husband brought home some barnboard from work one day.

If bringing me the supplies wasn’t enough, he helped me put it together.  We took two of the boards and screwed scrap pieces on the back to hold it together.  We used three pieces because it is a longer sign.  One near the top, one in the middle, and one in the bottom.

Then I started working on my design.  I used graphics from my Silhouette Cameo program.  I was inspired by a t-shirt recently and wanted the same saying on a sign.
After I knew how I wanted it to look, I needed to transfer it.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the transfer process so I am hoping I explain it well enough.  
After you print out your design, take a piece of chalk and cover the back of your design with chalk.  I used white, but had to change halfway through because I couldn’t see where I had coloured the chalk on the back.  So I switched to green half way through.
Place the paper on the wood.  Take a pen or pencil and trace your design.  This will transfer the chalk onto the board, but only where you trace.  
Okay, so I accidentally started painting the words before I took a picture, but you can see the rest of the image is outlined by chalk.
Grab your paint brushes and start painting it!  I used a paint marker for the “Did Someone Say” just because the detail was a bit more fine, but I think it would have turned out the same if I just used my fine paint brush.  I used acrylic paints for the rest.
As you can see, there is a spot on my board that has some of the wood scraped off.  The best thing about barnboard is that it is okay if it looks rough! 🙂
Here is the finished product.  It makes me smile. 😉

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