Essential oils for bug bites – The best essential oils for spider bites and more

Not too long ago I shared with you a post on the best essential oils for bee stings. Today I want to share with you some great essential oils for bug bites. We’re talking about all kinds of bugs. The list below will give you some of the best essential oils for spider bites, and some of the best essential oils for mosquito bites. You can also apply these oils to other kinds of bug bites you may encounter.

best essential oils for bug bites

I adore the warmer weather. I adore spring, and I adore summer. I love the longer days, the weather that is perfect to be out on the water, and the time spent in my garden.

There’s one thing I don’t like though, and it’s the bugs.

I think that’s a pretty universal feeling. I don’t know anyone who said “I just love mosquitos.”

My kids often ponder why God made mosquitos. I just don’t have a good answer for them. I tell them there must be a good reason but we’ll have to ask God when we get to heaven because I definitely have no idea what that good reason is.

But, while we may not understand why they are here on this earth, we still have to deal with them.

I have to be honest- I have it pretty good when it comes to bug bites. For some reason the bugs don’t attack me the way they attack my husband.

We can be outside enjoying a beautiful day and my husband will be complaining about the bugs. I won’t have a single bug on me and will wonder what the heck he’s complaining about. Until I take a good look at him and see that he really is being swarmed.

Some of us have tastier blood I guess. Maybe mine is just unappealing to mosquitos.

I grew up in Northern Ontario, so the bugs are pretty bad up there. We don’t live as far north anymore. I like to think that the mosquitos know not to mess with my northern blood.

Whatever the case, I’m definitely not immune. I still get plenty of bug bites if I’m out long enough in buggy weather.

But, I don’t like to cover my skin, or my children’s skin with a bunch of over the counter products on their bug bites if I can help it.

Plus, they always complained that things like After Bite stings when I use it.

Thankfully there are some really great essential oils for bug bites. And today I want to share with you what those are.

When it comes to essential oils I find that everyone is a little different. What I mean by that is that one oil that works well for one person may not work for you. You may have to do some trial and error before you find the essential oil that gets the job done for you.

That’s why it’s so great that essential oils are so versatile and there are often many different oils for one purpose. So today I’m going to share a list of those oils with you that are good for bug bites, and that way you can find the perfect one for you.

Because, if there’s anything I learned from my husband and my very different bug “attack” experiences, it’s that our skin, our blood, our bodies are all so different.

When in doubt always dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil. Especially when it comes to children because you don’t want to irritate the skin further.

Now, let’s talk about some of the best essential oils for bug bites!

essential oils for spider bites


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1. LAVENDER. Lavender is my favorite essential oil to reach for when I’m treating bug bites. Lavender is gentle, and calming. It’s great to put on my children because of it’s gentleness, and it’s great to use for myself because it’s like it does double duty with it’s relaxing components.

2. TEA TREE. Tea tree oil is another one I love to reach for when dealing with bug bites. It may work as an antihistimine, but it’s also antibacterial which is perfect when you’ve scratched just a little too much.

3. PEPPERMINT. Peppermint essential oil is cooling which can provide relief from bug bite irritation. I’m sure you can agree that bug bites give that “hot” sensation when irritated, so peppermint can definitely help you manage that discomfort.

4. FRANKINCENSE. If you’ve read any previous post I’ve written on essential oils you’ll know that frankincense pretty much makes every list. That’s because, “when in doubt, bring your frankincense out.” Frankincense is anti-inflammatory which will help the inflammation that comes with a bug bite.

5. ROMAN CHAMOMILE. Roman chamomile is an antihistamine, as well as antibacterial and antifungal. Chamomile is soothing which will help an irritated and inflamed mosquito bite or other type of bug bite.

6. DEODORIZING. Deodorizing essential oil blend is a special cleansing blend. It contains palmarosa, lemon, coriander seed, patchouli, cypress, grapefruit pink, bergamot, and tea tree essential oil. Purify is full of oils that are known for their cleansing components. You can apply this blend with a bit of lavender to your bug bites for extra relief. 

essential oils for bug bites


Essential oils can be very effective in soothing spider bites as well. I don’t know about you, but it always kind of creeps me out when I wake up with a spider bite. To know a spider was just hanging out in my bed with me is very unsettling. Sure, I get that I’m like, a bajillion times bigger than them, but they will always freak me out a bit.

Anyways, a lot of the same essential oils that you use for mosquito bites can be used for spider bites like tea tree, lavender, roman chamomile, and the deodorizing blend. However, there are a few extra ones you can use that work well for spider bites.

1. BASIL. Basil is anti-inflammatory, and it is also known to repel insects. Anything that keeps those spiders out of my bed is worth a try in my opinion! Apply basil with a carrier oil directly to the spider bite for relief.

2. GERM FIGHTER BLEND. Germ fighter is an essential oil blend that contains lime, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Not only does it smell heavenly, but you can apply it to a spider bite.

3. THYME. This oil is an analgesic so it’s perfect for an irritated spider bite. It can relief itching that comes with a bug bite. This is one you definitely want to dilute with a carrier oil though.


Little ones can get quite itchy with bug bites, and it can make them downright miserable.  So, can you use essential oils on toddlers for bug bites?

Well, you want to be cautious, but yes, you can.  However, you won’t want to use all of them, and I can not stress this enough – ALWAYS USE A CARRIER OIL on children.  Some of the oils that are hotter can cause rashes and burning on their skin, even ones like peppermint.

When you are adding oils to a child, always use about a tbsp of carrier oil and just a drop or two of the oil.

Now, before I give you the oils I would be okay with using on one of my kids when they were toddlers, I want to give you a FULL disclosure that I am NOT a doctor (I know, surprise, surprise 🙂 ) and I recommend always talking to your doctor before putting something like an essential oil on your child.

These are the oils I would feel comfortable using on a small child:

  1. Lavender
  2. Tea Tree
  3. Roman Chamomile


It used to be that we all reached for the afterbite when those bites were just too itchy. However, you can choose an essential oil for a natural option. There are so many options when it comes to the best essential oils for bug bites.

Be sure to stock up your cupboard with some oils so that next time you or your child is struggling with some bites you can just grab an oil and find quick relief.


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