Getting Rid of Clutter – Why We Should Do It

Getting rid of clutter may not seem that important, but it decluttering actually has many benefits.

getting rid of clutter

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Years ago I had never spent time decluttering my home. It wasn’t because I had a hard time getting rid of stuff. It was because it had actually never dawned on me that I needed to declutter the stuff in my home from time to time.

I don’t remember watching my parents declutter and send stuff to the dump or thrift store. That isn’t to say that they didn’t. We moved quite a few times growing up so I’m sure at least at those times my parents decluttered things. However, I must have somehow missed when this happened.

Therefore, I didn’t realize if I didn’t do it for my own home as an adult that eventually stuff tends to take over.

Even when I started decluttering and bringing loads of stuff to the thrift store, I was missing a lot of stuff. In our last home we had a big shed that was once an old barn. Anything that would one day need to go to the dump would end up in that shed.

Problem is, we never took that trip to the landfill. We didn’t have a truck, so I reasoned we would just have to wait.

That was 7 years of waiting.

When we decided it was time to sell the house, well, you can imagine the load of junk we had to take to the dump. I promised myself I would be sure to schedule in yearly dump runs after that experience.

Everyone has a different level of stuff they like to keep. I appreciate the minimalism movement for myself, though I have way too much stuff to call myself an actual minimalist. However, I know that when I am on top of decluttering and when I have less stuff I am less stressed. Too much clutter in my environment makes me feel like there is a lot of chaos going on around me.

Today I want to share with you why I think it’s good to declutter our houses.


It makes cleaning easier. Okay, this is my number one reason for why I think getting rid of clutter is important. Too much stuff means you have more to clean. And who wants to waste time they don’t have to on cleaning? Not me, that’s who.  If you are like me and keeping your house the way you want it is already a struggle, decluttering can help you out in that area.

It helps you stop losing things. A lot of the time we don’t declutter certain items we haven’t used in a super long time because we are worried we “may” need it again one day. However, when we have too much clutter we actually can end up losing that item and other important things in all the junk and end up buying another one anyways. With less stuff you are more than likely to keep track of the things that you actually need and will use.

It will save you time. Have you ever spent a weekend cleaning out your basement or your garage or even a storage unit? Too much stuff has to be regularly managed. Wouldn’t you rather use that time to spend with your family or doing something you love?

It gives you more space. I have three children and a dog and I know that any square of extra space we can get is appreciated. It allows for more area to play. However, it isn’t just kids who benefit from extra space. Adults can use extra space for exercising, crafting, or just lounging around where ever you want to!

You can make money from your clutter. Think about the stuff you have sitting around that you just haven’t used for years. If it is in good condition there is the potential to make some money by selling it. Instead of having it sit there doing nothing, wouldn’t you like to have some extra money instead?

Your friends will love you on moving day.  We’ve all been there.  Helping that friend to move who has so much stuff you start loading the truck in the morning and when evening rolls around you are still at it.  The last time we moved we had a few people say “this is all you have?”  Granted, we still have more stuff than I would like, but I guess compared to some of their other friends they helped moved we owned a lot less.


Decluttering is something that provides many benefits. However, you may have so much clutter you just don’t know where to start. Maybe you feel overwhelmed and so instead find it easier to ignore. That usually isn’t a good idea though, because clutter usually always grows! The problem more than likely will just get worse.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, just start out small. Tackle one room at a time. If that is too much, tackle one drawer or one corner at a time. If you keep doing that eventually you will see that you are making progress.

Get the kids involved if you can. At first you may find they are a little resistant, but after awhile they start to accept the process and even bring you things they are ready to get rid of before you even ask. I find kids are as different as adults. I have one child who hates to get rid of anything, and another who will get rid of everything.

For the child who struggles a little more, I try to ease them into it. We may discuss something they are struggling to get rid of but I haven’t seen the child pick it up in over a year. Many times in the end my child will realize that maybe another kid can enjoy the toy instead of just letting it collect dust on the shelf.

If you need a little guidance, check out Joshua Becker’s book, The Minimalist Home.  Joshua has been living the minimalist life for years now and whether you choose to declutter just a little or a lot, his books offer invaluable information to help you!

However you choose to declutter, the point is just to do it! Make it a regular thing. A great rule to use is that when one thing comes in another goes out. So, basically if you get a new shirt, find a piece of clothing you are ready to part with. This helps keep the clutter down.

Try to minimize the clutter in your home and see how it can make a difference in your life.

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