How Minimalism Can Save You Money

When it comes to minimalism I don’t feel that I am a full blown minimalist because I still feel like there is too much stuff in my house to qualify me as one.  However, I would say we live a simple life and have less stuff than most people.  It started years ago when I began to feel overhwhelmed at the clutter in my house.  We have a small house and there was just nowhere to put all the stuff.  On top of that it just seemed to get messy so easily with so many items around.

I started purging big time.

And it felt good.  My house was easier to manage, and it looked better.  And it didn’t take long before I realized that minimalism was saving money.

How would having less stuff save you money? Well….

1.  I stopped buying so much stuff.  I spent a lot of time getting rid of  a lot of unnecessary junk.  I didn’t just want to refill the house again.  Anytime I wanted to buy something I had to think real hard about whether I wanted to add the clutter to my house.  More often than not I began to realize I didn’t really want or need it.

2.  I stopped “losing” things.  When we have too much stuff that we just don’t need, we lose the important things we actually need and use.  And then we pay money to replace what we lose.  Less stuff means you’ll lose less.  Maybe you won’t lose anything anymore, but if you are me, you still will lose things…it will just happen less often. 😉

3.  I often buy the cheaper option.  When we embrace minimalism we discover that our clothes, or the car we drive, or the house we own doesn’t define us.  All of a sudden I am not looking for the best shirt, vehicle, or house that money can buy, but often a cheaper option that meets my basic needs and nothing more.

Minimalism has helped me save money to pay more towards our debt, as well as save for family trips.  If you are looking for a way to start your journey towards minimalism there are tons of great sites online, but one of my favorites is Becoming Minimalist.  Check it out for awesome tips on minimalism.

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