How to Keep Avocados from Browning

Raise your hand if you love avocados.  I’ll raise both.  Avocados are so amazing, but you know what’s not amazing?  The rate at which they go bad.  What’s the best way to keep avocados fresh?  I’ll let you in on that answer in a minute.

I didn’t always like avocados.  I really think they are an acquired taste.  But they are so good for you.  They are full of healthy fats and so I decided I was going to learn to love them.

Well, I did, and now I eat avocado almost every day. 

But one of the most frustrating things about avocado is that it seems to take forever for the avocado to ripen, and then when they do they brown rather quickly.  It’s like you have a very short window to use the avocado in it’s prime state.

But, if you want to know how to keep avocados fresh, or how to soften avocados quickly, there are little tips and tricks to use.

The best way to keep avocados fresh

I store my avocados on the counter before they are ripe.  Then, when they are JUST ripe, I toss them in the fridge.  That’s how to keep avocados fresh longer.    

If you are wondering how to store avocados and think the fridge is the best option right away, the reason it isn’t is because the fridge will prevent them from ripening.  That’s why you want to let your avocado ripen first on the counter, and then move it to the fridge when its at that point.

This can get a little tricky if you are really busy and aren’t paying attention to your avocados.  There’s been times when I’ve forgotten about my avocados on the counter only to get to them too late.

And friends, that’s a sad day.  So check those avocados every day so you aren’t too late. Avocados basically require a babysitter.  or would that be called an avocado-sitter?  Anyways, my point is, keep an eye on those babies.

Now, that’s a good method if you haven’t cut into the avocado, but what if you only have half an avocado?  Like, your avocado ripened, you enjoyed half of it on your toast today, and now you want to save the other half for another day?

Grab your lemon juice from your fridge, brush some on the exposed flesh of your avocado to prevent browning, and then wrap it up nice and tight with some plastic wrap.  The key here is to wrap it up tightly.  You want the avocado to avoid being exposed to the air.

If you store half an avocado in the fridge do be aware that it won’t keep all that long.  I’d plan to use it the next day if possible.

How to keep mashed avocado from browning

Did you mash up some avocado for some guacamole, or maybe to feed to your baby?  You can do the same thing to prevent it from going brown.  Squirt some lemon juice in it and mix it well.

Then, add a layer of cling wrap over it to store in the fridge.  That’s how to keep avocados from browning!  Not too hard, right?

How to soften avocados quickly

So, you bought avocados and you don’t have the time to wait till they ripen.  You have a huge craving for guacamole, and you want it sooner rather than later.

Well, there are a few methods you can use.

Put it on your windowsill in sunlight.  The sunlight will speed up the ripening process.

You can also put it in a brown bag with a fruit that produces an ethylene gas, such as a banana or an apple.  Give it a day or two and your avocado will most likely be ripened.  That’s how to ripen avocados fast.

Can you store avocado in the fridge for 2 weeks?

Yes, you can, but only if it isn’t ripe.  If it’s already ripened it most likely won’t stay good for 2 weeks in your fridge.  How to keep avocados fresh longer if you need them to last would be to put them in the fridge BEFORE they are ripe.

So, yes, you can refrigerate avocados to slow ripening, but only for so long.  I like to think of avocados as a fragile type of fruit.  But they are delicious, so it’s worth it.

How to preserve avocados for months

There’s really only one way to preserve avocados, and that’s by freezing them.  And even with freezing, they’ll only last for up to 3 months, so long-term storage beyond that isn’t really an option for avocados.  

How to freeze avocados

Whole Avocados

Wash the avocados, dry them up, and then wrap them tightly with plastic wrap.  

Cubed or Sliced Avocados

Cut up your avocado how you want it, and then brush some lemon juice onto them.  Flash freeze them by laying them on a baking pan that is lined with parchment paper (make sure the pieces aren’t piled on each other or you’ll just have one big pile of avocado frozen together) and toss the pan in the freezer for a few hours until frozen through.  Then transfer it to a plastic freezer bag.

Mashed Avocado

Mash up your avocado.  Put the mashed avocado into an ice cube tray and then freeze.  Once frozen you can pop them out of the ice cube tray and into a freezer bag.  This is a great method for making baby food or wanting to add them to smoothies.  You can even use this for guacamole.

How to thaw frozen avocado

Take out your avocado and let it sit on your counter for a few hours.  If it’s mashed avocado you may want to take it out the night before and let it thaw in the fridge as it may take a little longer.

How to cut an avocado

  1.  Wash the fruit under lukewarm water
  2. Place the avocado on a cutting board 
  3. Starting at the narrow end, slice the avocado in half lengthwise
  4. While slicing it in half, work around the pit in the middle as you will not be able to cut through it
  5. Twist the two halves of the avocado apart.  This will reveal the pit.

How to get the pit out of an Avocado

  1. Scoop the pit out with a spoon once you’ve cut it.

How to peel an Avocado

  1. Slide a spoon between the skin and the flesh of the avocado.
  2. Run the spoon around the avocado to loosen the skin.
  3. Slide the spoon underneath the flesh at the bottom and scoop it out away from the skin.

How to mash avocado for toast and other things

Mashed avocado can be used for many things – toast, guacamole, baby food, smoothies, and more.  I use a fork to mash it up, but you can use a potato masher too.  You can also toss it in a food processor or even a high speed blender like a Vitamix.  It just depends on smooth you want it. 

Personally, I like it a little chunky because I usually only used mashed avocado for guacamole.  That’s where a fork does a better job.  But it’s really personal preference.  If you ever wanted to know how to make avocado mash, you’ll discover it really isn’t that hard!  It’s a great job to give to your kids when they want to help in the kitchen.

What to do with Avocados

Now that you know how to freeze avocados, or how to keep them fresh longer, you may be looking for some ideas of what to make with avocados. 

Avocado Toast

This has become popular in recent years.  You can even order it at some restaurants.  There’s a ton of different ways to dress up avocado toast.  Mash it up and put it on toast and eat it like that, or add other things like onions, smoked salmon, herbs and spices, balsamic glaze, and more.  


I’ve mentioned gauc enough in this post that you are probably tired of hearing it, but there’s a reason for it.  Guacamole, in my opinion is one of the best creations ever made in the kitchen.  Here’s a recipe you may like.

Baby food

Like stated above, mash it up, freeze it, and put it in ice cube trays to feed your baby at meal time.


If I’m eating a salad, it’ll probably have avocado on it.  Avocados turns a salad from boring to fantastic.

Burrito Bowls

Burrito bowls are my newest obsession.  Make some rice, toss it in a bowl and add things like cooked onions, peppers, beans, and salsa to it.  Top it with avocados and you have a lunch you’ll love.

Chocolate pudding

Yeah, you read that right.  You can make a chocolate pudding that is healthy from avocados.  I’ve done it before and I promise you, it’s so good.  This recipe will get started.





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