10 Baking Recipes that use a lot of Eggs

Have you opened up your fridge to see way too many eggs you need to use up?  Do you need some baking recipes that use a lot of eggs?

Recipes for eggs

While we currently don’t have chickens, we did at one time (and hope to have them again) and there would be periods where I couldn’t keep up with their egg production.  It’s a good problem to have, but what do you do when you have too many eggs?

Maybe you don’t have chickens but you have too many eggs because there was a good deal at the store.  Whatever the reason, you don’t need let those eggs go bad.

Truth bomb:  I never used to really like eggs.  But that’s because I only ate them scrambled and I don’t LOVE the taste of scrambled eggs.  Turns out, there’s a variety of ways to make eggs, so if you aren’t a huge egg fan, try one of the recipes below.  I mean, there’s a cake recipe – who doesn’t love cake?  I’ll have my eggs in cake form please.

But, seriously, there are tons of ways to make them – poached, hard-boiled, over-easy, sunny-side up, etc.

I consider eggs quite a versatile and easy food to make for my kids as well.  Every once in awhile when they are sick of sandwiches for lunch (don’t look at me that way, sandwiches are an easy meal to feed kids in the middle of a busy day) I’ll shake it up and make some eggs and toast.  And everyone is happy because the kids have had a break from sandwiches, and I’ve figured out another day of meals.

No one warns you about that part of parenthood.  The part where you are going to have to figure out what to feed these little people for the next 18+ years.  Three times a day.  Plus snacks. Every. Single. Day.

Anyways, I digress…

If you are looking for a way to use up all those eggs, you’ve come to the right place.  Let’s get into some recipes that use lots of eggs – some of them use even a whole dozen!  Double the recipe, invite some friends over, and you’ve just used up two dozen!  Never let those eggs go bad again.




Baking Recipes to use up Eggs


Breakfast Frittata

Breakfast Frittata

This breakfast frittata from Pinch and Swirl uses 12 eggs.  If you have chickens laying a ton of eggs, this is take care of a whole dozen in no time!

Pizza Rustica

Pizza Rustica

Also known as Easter pie, this Pizza Rustica from Christina’s Cucina uses up 9 eggs!

Lemon Curd Cake with White Chocolate Swiss Buttercream

Lemon curd cake

This lemon curd cake from Chocolates & Chai uses 10 eggs and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love cake?  If you were looking specifically for cakes that use lots of eggs, this is the recipe for you!

Sweet Potato and Bacon Quiche

This Sweet Potato and Bacon Quiche from Ann’s Entitled Life would be an excellent way to use up 8 eggs while also enjoying breakfast!

Creme AnglaisVanilla custard

I can’t not share of ways to use eggs without showing my own recipe, creme anglais, also known as vanilla custard.  While this recipe only uses 5 egg yolks, I definitely recommend doubling it because trust me, one batch will not be enough.  Therefore, you will end up using 10 yolks. 

7 Layer Salad

Boil up 8 eggs for this 7 layer salad from Wholesome Yum. You don’t just need to use baking recipes to use up lots of eggs, you can hard-boil them for things like salads too!

Farmer’s Market Overnight Casserole

farmer's overnight casserole

 This Farmer’s Market Overnight Breakfast Egg Casserole from Two Healthy Kitchens will use a whole dozen eggs up in one meal!

St. Joseph Pastries

Any kind of pastry is a friend of mine and these St. Joseph Pastries from Maplewood Road look amazing! This recipe will use 8 eggs.

Peach Cobbler Pound Cake with Bourbon Glaze

peach cobbler that uses eggs

Guys, I really like cake.  This Peach Cobbler Pound Cake from Live to Sweet is calling my name.

Mexican Flan

I think the word “flan” is just fun to say.  But it’s not only fun to say, it’s fun to eat.  Make this Mexican Flan from Mama Maggie’s Kitchen to use up 6 eggs at a time.

Other Ways to Use up Eggs

While the above recipes are amazing, here are some other ways to use eggs.

Deviled eggs

Egg salad sandwiches

Scrambled eggs 

Boiled eggs for salad toppings

Homemade mayo

And if all else fails, call a friend up and offer them a dozen eggs.  Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I love when someone gifts me a dozen eggs, especially when they are farm fresh eggs.  I mean, have you seen the price of groceries these days?  Free eggs are like gold. 

If you have chickens with blue eggs, I get that much more excited.  Because I’m vain like that and though I know blue eggs don’t taste any different than white or brown eggs, I love them more.  They are just so pretty.

And, if you have chickens and consistently have too many eggs, consider selling them.  If anything it’ll at least cover your chicken feed, and maybe even give you a little extra cash.  Of course, check your regulations on selling eggs for your state or province, but most areas allow you to at least sell the eggs at your farmgate.

Now, after all this talk all I want to do is eat some eggs.  So I’m going to go now.  And make eggs.  And cake with eggs.  Because, who doesn’t love cake?  






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