How to Make your House Smell Like Fall

The fall season brings with it a sense of coziness, warmth, and nostalgia that resonates with many of us, and I don’t know about you, but I adore autumn. As the air turns crisper and the leaves begin to change, there’s no better time to make your house smell like fall.

You can infusing your home with the captivating scents of cinnamon sticks, apple pie, pumpkin spice, and more. Today I’m here to show you a variety of creative and natural methods to make your house smell like fall, using ingredients like cinnamon sticks, apple cider, orange peels, and more.

make your house smell like fall

How To Make Your House Smell Like Fall

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Homemade Pot Simmer Recipes

When it comes to filling your home with the essence of fall, homemade pot simmer recipes are fun and easy. Picture this: a pot of water gently simmering on your stovetop, releasing a variety of autumn scents that transport you to a trail full of crunchy, colorful leaves and crisp air.

To create your simmering stovetop potpourri, gather a handful of cinnamon sticks, a sprinkle of whole cloves, slices of fresh oranges, and a hint of star anise or a touch of vanilla extract. Don’t forget a cup of water or two. You don’t want the water to evaporate or your pot will burn. 

Allow it simmer on low heat, gradually diffusing the aromas of fall throughout your space. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations of spices and fruits to uncover your favorite autumn scent combination.

​Store bought Fall-themed candles

You can find your favorite fall scents like pumpkin spice latte, or homemade pumpkin pie in a variety of candles at the store.  The fall is the perfect time for the coziness of a candle as well.  The scent of fall can make your entire home smell beautiful and it’s such an easy way to achieve this.  Stick a candle on your coffee table for that perfect fall look.  My favorite to buy is this Pumpkin Pecan Waffles one.


DIY Fall-themed Candles

While store-bought fall candles are enticing, crafting your own candles adds a personal touch to your autumn ambiance. This endeavor allows you to tailor the scents precisely to your liking, ensuring a perfect candle that resonates with you. Combine essential oils such as cinnamon, clove, and vanilla to capture the very essence of pumpkin spice and freshly baked apple pie.

Infuse these oils into natural beeswax or soy wax, resulting in bespoke candles that not only perfume the air with captivating fragrances but also cast a warm and inviting glow.

​Bake a fall goodie

I love to bake pies, pumpkin bread, donuts, apple crisp, and more during the autumn season  Baking has a way of making your whole home feel happy.  When I make a quick bread, all that ground cinnamon in it gives a pumpkin spice scent to my home.  And the best part is, after you’ve enjoyed the smell of fall from your baking, you can enjoy the taste of fall by eating it!  This pumpkin bread with maple glaze is sure to fill your home with a gorgeous scent of fall.

Reed Diffusers with Autumn Scents

For those seeking a long-lasting and visually pleasing method to infuse their living space with the scents of fall, reed diffusers are a match made in aromatic heaven. Fill a glass jar with a carrier oil, such as almond or jojoba oil, and introduce a blend of your treasured fall essential oils—think cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Submerge reed sticks into the jar, allowing them to absorb the scented elixir and emit the fragrance over time. 

​Fall scented Essential Oils in the Diffuser

​One of my favorite ways to create seasonal scents in my home is to use my essential oils diffuser.  Essential oil diffusers are a great option if you don’t want to light a candle and you want something you can feel good about filling your home with.  You can make your own blends, but there are amazing scents in pre-purchased blends you can buy that will give you the aroma of the best-smelling season.

Use fall cleaning products around your house

That’s right, you can get cleaning products that will make your home smell like apple cider, for example.   Mrs. Meyers makes some sweet smelling cleaning products for the fall season and what a great way to create the smell of fall in your home while also cleaning it up.  Pair the cleaning products with some autumn scented hand soap.


Simmer Pot Recipes in a Slow Cooker

I know we already talked about simmer pots on the stove, but for an effortless way to to fill your home with the scents of fall, consider employing a crock pot to create simmer pot recipes. Blend ingredients such as apple cider, vanilla bean, warm cinnamon, earthy whole cloves, and slices of zesty oranges in the crock pot.

Set it to a gentle simmer, and let it sit for hours for a homemade air freshener that’ll last. The result? An intoxicating aroma that will make your whole house smell cozy and inviting.

Homemade Air Fresheners

Say goodbye to artificial fragrances and opt for homemade air fresheners that encapsulate the natural scents of fall. Create the best fall scents by combining water and a sprinkling of cinnamon or vanilla essential oil in a spray bottle. With a few spritzes, you’ll feel like you are waking up to a crisp autumn morning, as the natural ingredients you use turn your surroundings into the smell of autumn.

DIY Potpourri with Pine Cones

Harness the rustic charm of the outdoors by creating a DIY potpourri that brings the splendor of fall indoors. Venture into your surroundings to collect pine cones, the quintessential symbol of the season. Arrange these pine cones within a mason jar and cover them with some drops of essential oils—cedarwood, pine, and orange, for example—for a fragrant aroma.

Seal the jar and position it as a centerpiece, allowing the scents of fall to infuse your home.

Pine Cone Fall Air Freshener

Creating Fall-themed Linen Sprays

Take your aroma game to another level by misting your fabrics with fall-inspired scents. Mix water, a dash of witch hazel, and a fusion of your fall essential oils, such as cinnamon, clove, and orange. Pour the mixture into a glass spray bottle, releasing gentle mists upon your linens, curtains, and upholstery. With every inhale, you’ll be transported to the outdoors in the middle of the autumn season.

Crafting Scented Wax Melts

Scented wax melts are another great way to scent your home for the fall season. Craft your own by melting natural soy wax and infusing it with drops of essential oils—cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. Pour the molten wax into mold shapes, allowing them to solidify into creations. These wax melts, when placed in a wax warmer, will disperse the captivating essence of fall.

Don’t want to make your own?  There’s plenty of options to buy some.

Embrace the Aromas of Fall with Mason Jar Potpourri

Celebrate the scents of fall by fashioning mason jar potpourri—a visually captivating and fragrant creation. Layer dried orange slices, aromatic whole cloves, rustic cinnamon sticks, and even dehydrated apple slices within a mason jar. Seal it with care and then place them various corners of your dwelling with this rustic masterpiece. 

Inviting the Smells of Fall Into Your Home

Making your home smell like fall is a perfect way to celebrate the cooler days and nights. With these inventive ways and natural methods at your disposal, you can effortlessly infuse your living space with the scents that define autumn. Embrace the wholesome and comforting aromas that evoke memories of warmth, togetherness, and slow living.

By creating ways to scent your house with things like homemade potpourri, scented candles, and aromatic mixtures, you not only fill your home with delightful fragrances but you also create an environment that truly embodies the essence of fall. The art of home fragrance becomes an expression of your appreciation for this wonderful time of year, where every breath is a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us.

I love fall, don’t you?

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