I Hate Winter – Why Going Outside is Exactly What you Need

Ah, winter.

The time of year the majority of Canadians complain about the snow and the cold.  The time of year you hear numerous people exclaim, “I hate winter!”

If you aren’t from Canada this might surprise you.  I think the belief from people who live in other countries is that Canadians adore winter.

Well, the truth is, SOME Canadians love winter.

Most hate it.

Now, in full disclosure I will tell you that I am one of those people who love winter.  Oh sure, I tire of it by the end of the season and am ready for spring, but I love every time it snows, and for months I thoroughly enjoy the season.

But I’ve noticed something common about many people who absolutely hate the season.  They wear thin winter coats, avoid snow pants at all times, and have no winter activities.  I mean, if I had to just freeze and shovel snow all season I’m sure I’d dislike it too.

If you live in a place like I do, winter is long and no matter how much you may dislike it, the only way to avoid it is to flee!

It’s going to come every single year, no matter what you do.  So you might as well embrace it.  Or at least tolerate it.

I’m going to give you some of the tips that have helped me embrace winter.


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Okay, when did it become uncool to wear snowpants?  Or layers?  I’m telling you, I look like the abominable snowman in winter.  Once I’m layered up I’m really hoping I don’t need a bathroom break because it might take me 15 minutes to take everything off.  But you know what I’m not?  COLD.  

If you can, I recommend investing in a down filled winter coat.  It totally has changed my life.  They aren’t cheap, but if you are an adult you are done growing so it should fit you for years.  Once I wore a down-filled winter coat I declared that I could never go back. 

Pick up a winter hobby.

There are so many things to do in winter and if you find a hobby the season will not drag on the way it has for you in the past.  In fact, if the snow is required for one of your winter activities you’ll find yourself eagerly awaiting for the season to arrive so you can do all the fun things.  There is no shortage of winter fun – skiing, skating, snowshoeing, ice fishing, fat biking, and more.

We recently went ice fishing for the first time and it made winter that much more exciting for me.  I’m actually terrified to walk out on ice, but I faced my fears (safely of course), and we now have a new winter hobby to add to our list.


Get out in the woods.

Winter is WAY more beautiful in the country.  Let’s face it, in the city winter often looks a lot like dirty, slushy snow piles all over the street.  It just doesn’t have that same feel as when you head out into the woods and see a pine tree covered in snow.  

Find a trail and take a walk in a winter wonderland forest.  I can almost guarantee you’ll find your mood lift when surrounded by such beauty.

Plan some cozy nights at home.

Winter is a great excuse to curl up the couch under a cozy blanket with a good book or a movie and a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate .  I mean, who doesn’t love a few nights of “Netflix and Chill?”  

Lighting a warm scented candle and plugging in some white twinkling lights add to this atmosphere.

As a self-professed introvert, winter is a perfect excuse for me to be a bit of a hermit and enjoy those cozy nights at home, especially when a snowstorm hits!

Host a sledding or skating party.

Invite some people over and tell them to bring their skates or sleds, depending on if you have access to a hill or a skating rink.  Have a bonfire, and cook up some chili or hot chocolate.  It won’t feel so cold with all the action and food happening!

Make a skating rink in your yard.

Speaking of skating, making your own rink is a great way to pass the time away this winter.  It’s also a great way to teach your kids how to skate.  This is exactly how I taught my two youngest kids to skate and let me tell you, it was awesome to not have to leave my property to do this.  

Take advantage of the sunny days.

The sun doesn’t come out as often in the winter, but when it does it’s a good time to go outside and soak of that vitamin D.  Winter days always feel that much better when the sun is beaming down on you.  If you find it too bright with the sun reflecting off the snow grab a pair of shades specifically made for the winter.

Make snow ice cream.

Did you know you can take that beautiful snow outside and make some ice cream?  Obviously you want to grab the clean snow for it (NOBODY wants yellow snow ice cream) but it’s definitely a fun activity to do and very basic.  Check out a recipe for it over at Gimme Some Oven here.



Embracing the winter season will help with those “winter blues” that you may experience every year.  It’s a time of year that’s dark and cold, the days are short and it’s easy to feel discouraged and down.  By finding ways to enjoy the season as the months go by you may find winter doesn’t feel as long as it had to you in previous years.  Winter CAN be an enjoyable season!




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