Lemon Essential Oil Benefits

When I first started using essential oils lemon was one of the first ones I received. I was pretty excited about it because, who doesn’t like the smell of lemon? It smells so fresh and clean.

lemon essential oil benefits

I have this funny thing when it comes to lemon. I adore lemon in just about everything – in my water, in my salads, on my chicken, in my cleaners, in my laundry soap, in my diffuser….

But I can’t stand lemon baked goods and lemon candies. Which is insanely weird because I love pretty much any kind of baked goods and any kind of candy.

It doesn’t make any sense. I totally get that. I can’t even explain it so I won’t even try. It’s just plain weird.

The good news is, for the most part I adore lemon, so lemon essential oil has easily become one of my favorite essential oils.

If you are new to essential oils, lemon is an excellent oil for beginners. It is so versatile, allowing you to use it in so many different ways. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed on where to start with essential oils. Just start using it for one purpose, and when you have that down you can use it in another way or add another essential oil into your life.

I never thought I’d be one of those people who used essential oils. Actually, I scoffed at the idea for years. But, once I started using them I saw the results that came with them and it didn’t take me long to be a believer. I love that I can use something so natural and so pure to take care of many of mine and my family’s needs, healthwise, cleaning wise, and sometimes just to make my home smell pretty!

There are so many essential oils, but some of the main most popular essential oils are lavender, peppermint, and lemon. Lavender is a great essential oil for helping you sleep, or relax and wind down. I don’t know about you, but as a mom I can always use something that helps me wind down!

Peppermint is a great one for headaches or cooling down your body after a workout or super hot day. It can also be great for aiding in digestion.

But let’s be honest – the real reason you are here reading this post is to find out more about lemon. So let’s get on with how lemon essential oil can help you, and how amazing it is. I’m telling you, i wish I could somehow reach through this computer and let you smell my bottle of lemon essential oil. It just isn’t the same experience without being able to hold them and smell them.

But as far as I know they haven’t created smell-o-vision yet, so I’ll have to do my best to explain how wonderful it is in the hopes that you will be able to imagine how glorious it smells.

There are so many lemon essential oil benefits, and today we are going to talk about them.


Cleans everything. Because lemon essential oil has antibacterial properties, this makes it an excellent choice to clean just about anything. It will act as a disinfectant, as well as being able to remove stains from surfaces. Also, who doesn’t want their clothes or home to smell like lemon?

You can add a few drops of lemon essential oil to a spray bottle mixed with water and vinegar for an all-purpose type of cleaner and use it to make your home sparkling clean!

Improves digestion. You can massage a drop or two of lemon essential oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil directly to your abdomen for improved digestion.

Boost your immune system. Again, the antibacterial properties in lemon essential oil makes this oil a great one to help you boost your immune system. Rub a drop or two of lemon essential oil with a carrier oil and rub it on the bottom of your feet or the back of your neck.

Improves concentration. Need something that is going to help boost your alertness and concentration? Diffusing lemon essential oil can help with this.

Can aid in weight loss. Adding a drop to your water can help suppress your appetite and possibly support weight loss efforts. There are precautions you need to take into consideration when ingesting essential oils, and we’ll talk about that further into this article.

Reduces stress. Diffusing lemon essential oil can help boost your mood and reduce your stress. Don’t have a diffuser? You can also just inhale the lemon essential oil straight from the bottle.

Repels insects. Got mosquito or ant problems? You can mix lemon essential oil with eucalyptus essential oil and peppermint essential oil to help ward off those pesky creatures. Eliminate using toxic bug repellent by using essential oils instead.


If you are new to essential oils you may be unsure on how to use them. There are three main ways people use essential oils:

Aromatically. This involves diffusing the oils or just breathing them in straight from the bottle.  I love to diffuse lemon essential oil for a fresh, clean smell in my home and a great pick-me-up!

Topically. This mean applying it to your skin, often with a carrier oil.

Internally. Definitely the most controversial one, some people ingest certain essential oils. Not all of them are meant for ingesting, but lemon (depending on brand) is one that can sometimes be ingested.  There are benefits of ingesting lemon essential oil.  It’s great to clear out toxins and can help your digestive system.

You always need to check with the company before you consider ingesting the essential oil. It should say on the bottle. Many companies say none of their oils are safe for ingesting, but if you are looking for a company who has oils that are safe to ingest, try DoTERRA. DoTERRA is where I get all my oils because the quality is amazing. They are one of the few companies out there that offer some essential oils that are safe for ingesting.

If you are interested in essential oils and want to try them out, you can find out how to order them in THIS POST.  By ordering through me you will get access to any and all resources I create for my essential oil community.  I am also here to answer any questions you have along the way.  of course, if you just want to skip that post and go right to ordering them, you can do that HERE.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS read the bottle beforehand to make sure they say you CAN ingest them. As well, you only want to take a drop at a time. To make sure you avoid any negative reactions be sure to follow the instructions.

If you choose to apply lemon essential oil topically, be sure to only put it on your skin if you know you are not going to be out in the sun for the next six hours as lemon essential oil can cause photosensitivity. Actually, most citrus essential oils can cause this issue. Photosensitivity can cause rashes or burns when exposed to sunlight.

Now, I hope you didn’t read that last paragraph and feel scared off. The truth is, essential oils are very safe. However, I feel it’s important to talk about how to use them properly to avoid any issues. Honestly I don’t believe we talk about the safety side enough and that really is a shame because we should want everyone to have a positive experience with essential oils. If we don’t give all the needed information we risk someone being harmed and then they will never experience the positive benefits oils can bring to their life.

Personally I don’t really use lemon essential oil internally. It’s not that I wouldn’t, I just prefer to reach for an actual lemon when I want some flavor in my water. But, if I ran out of lemon I wouldn’t hesitate to put a drop of the essential oil in my water.

My personal favorite ways to use lemon essential oil is to diffuse it when I need a mood boost, or when winter has carried on too long and I need to pretend it is summer, or to put it in my homemade cleaners to make me home smell lemon-y fresh.

If you are new to essential oils and are feeling a little skeptical and cautious, that is totally understandable. I get it because I was there too for years! But, after finally breaking down and trying the oils, deciding I was going to be consistent in using them to see if I would experience positive results, I quickly became a believer. Now we use them every single day for a variety of uses.

Lemon essential oil is one of the best oils to start out with because you can use it in so many ways, but also, lemon is so familiar to people that it doesn’t seem all that crazy to use a lemon essential oil. I mean, it’s not really that different than using an actual lemon, except that it is much more highly concentrated, allowing you to reap the benefits from a drop or two at a time.

That’s right – with essential oils you only need a very small amount. A little goes a long way because they are so highly concentrated. This is excellent news for the frugally minded who struggle with the price tag on the bottle. It makes a lot more sense when you realize how long they really do last.

So, if you decide to try essential oils to see how they can enhance your life, I recommend starting with lemon essential oil to get you going!  The lemon essential oil benefits are worth it.

Lemon Essential Oil Benefits
Article Name
Lemon Essential Oil Benefits
Essential oils are gaining popularity and for good reason. They offer many health benefits. Learn what kind of benefits lemon essential oil offers.

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  1. I just started drinking water with lemon and mint in it the month is very strong so is the lemon lhave un a water bottle. I have 3lbs to loose 30 more l’m 188. I want to be 130 and l’m soon to be 52

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