How To Save Money On Meat At The Grocery Store

Every time I go to the grocery store I start getting heart palpitations when I am in the meat section.  How in the world do the prices of meat keep skyrocketing?  Thankfully, over the years I have learned how to get the best bang for my buck when it comes to buying meat.  I am always looking for new ways on how to save money on meat when shopping.

how to save money on meat

While we can cut back on how much meat we eat, I have a husband who is all about the meat and potatoes.  There is no way this house can be a meat-free zone.

And while I can appreciate a good meatless meal, I’m not sure I could swear it off either.Today I am going to share with you my favorite money saving tips when it comes to buying meat.


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Buy pork loin and divide it into multiple meals.  We buy one of those big pork loins and cut it up into at least 3 separate meals.  Sometimes I cut it up into three meals of pork chops, other times I cut a portion of it into a pork roast as well as cubes of pork for stew or stir fry.

Our favorite in this house though, is to make marinated pork chops on the BBQ.  It literally rivals a good steak.   I’m not even kidding on this one, you have to try it.  I personally am not a fan of a regular cooked pork chop in the oven or on the stove, but when we found this recipe to marinate them and started cooking them on the BBQ it became a new family favorite.

Anytime I tell the kids we are having pork chops for dinner they reply with “are they marinated?”  It is one of the few meals we can make that absolutely everyone adores in this house.

Don’t use meat as the main event. More often than not we use meat to accompany the dish, not as the main event.  So this means we add hamburger to pasta sauce and chili, or chunks of meat to soups, stir fries, or stews.  This allows us to stretch the meat a little bit farther to feed our family.

Buy cheaper cuts and put them in the crock-pot.  The crock-pot has a way of tenderizing cheap cuts of meat.  The long, slow cooking method turns tougher cuts of meat into delicious dinners.  I like these good-sized slow cookers to feed a family.  The instant pot is another great device that allows you to cook cheaper cuts of meat.

Divide whole chickens into  multiple meals.  I will roast a whole chicken and divide it into two or three meals, depending on the size, and then I will make chicken stock out of the bones.  I might make chicken noodle soup, chicken pot pie casserole, chicken tacos, or chicken and rice with the meat.

Check out THIS POST on how to roast a whole chicken in a way that makes sure it comes out tender and juicy.

Buy discounted meat.  Often the grocery stores will discount meat that is set to expire that day or the next day.  While some people worry that buying meat that is set to expire so soon will make you sick, I can promise you we have never gotten sick from discounted meat.  We freeze it as soon as we get home.  I always inspect the meat thoroughly before I buy it and if it looks discolored I pass on it.

Skip the steak.  We tend to stick to hamburger, pork loin, and chicken.  We rarely buy steak as it is just too costly.  I know it’s delicious, but we’ve learned how to cook other forms of meat in a way that is amazing.  We save the steak for special occasions or a rare treat.

Use less meat in dishes.  Add more of the cheaper ingredients.  For example, if you make chili add less meat than the recipe calls for, and add more beans and canned tomatoes which are cheaper items.  For stews add more potatoes and less meat.

 Participate in Meatless Monday.  Okay, so I said above that no meat in our house is just not an option, but having one meal a week that is meatless is totally doable.  Potato soup, veggie wraps, veggie stir fries, pasta, etc.  are all great options to eat once a week that will save you money if you make them without meat.

Shop the sales.  Buy meat when it is on sale to find the cheapest meat prices.  Check the flyers before you go grocery shopping.

Meat is one of the most expensive items on our grocery bills.  If you are looking at how to save money on meat, I encourage you to try these tips next time you are shopping.

Don’t forget to check out the Dining on a Dime cookbook (comes in eBook or hard copy format) that is full of recipes that will help you save money and stretch your meat.  This recipe book has helped me dozens of times when trying to keep my grocery budget down and

I love the simplicity of many of the recipes.  When i am trying to find ways on how to save money on meat and groceries in general, I always refer to this book to help point me in the right direction when it comes to what to make for dinner with low cost items.

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