15 Things to do in the Fall

Fall is a season loved by many, but after coming off of the heels of summer with so much to do some people struggle to think of things to do in autumn.  Well, there isn’t time to be bored because there are many things to do in the fall.  Today I’m going to share with you some fall activities you are sure to love.

things to do in the fall

I love fall but I really can’t say it’s my favorite season because the truth is I really enjoy all seasons.  Yes, even winter.  Actually, I enjoy winter so much I even wrote a post about how to tolerate winter for those of you who struggle to get through the colder months.

But don’t worry, I won’t mention the “w” word anymore because you’ve still got a couple months before you have to pull out your snow pants.  Instead I am to talk about all the fall things to do right now.

There is so much goodness to be had at this time of year.  I feel like fall is embrace by many people.  While you may not have been ready to say goodbye to summer, there’s something so cozy about fall sweaters and boots, pumpkin lattes, and beeswax candles flickering as the days grow shorter.

Still, since you can’t really go swimming, and laying on the beach is out, you may struggle to come up with ideas on what to do in the fall.  I’m here to share with you some really fun things you can do when the leaves start to turn color.



Go trail-walking.

This is one of my favorite things to do on a day when the air is crisp.  Walking among the trees, hearing the leaves crunch under your boots, you can literally smell fall in the air.  It smells so good!

Finding a spot to go where you will get some nice views of the trees with their leaves changing will leave you feeling inspired and re-energized.


Go for a fall drive.

Maybe you’d rather not walk.  That’s okay, you don’t have to miss the beautiful fall colors.  Take a drive in the country to enjoy the trees full of red, yellow, and orange leaves.


Visit a corn maze.

This is a great family activity.  Find a local farm that has a corn maze and spend an afternoon finding your way out of it!  Many times farms that offer corn mazes will sell pumpkins, apples, and other fall delicacies.


Bake a pie.

Yes, you can bake a pie at any time of the year, but there’s something about baking a pie in autumn that feels so…well, fall-ish!  Pumpkin, apple, and peach are my favorite to make in September and October.


Go apple picking.

Whether you have access to a wild apple tree or you go to a local apple farm, apple picking is an activity that will quickly turn into an annual tradition!  Eating a fresh apple right from the tree is amazing.


Go fall camping.

Think the fall is too cold to camp?  Think again!  What is so great about camping in September and October?  Less bugs and less crowds. You will want to be prepared with the right equipment and clothing if you go camping in the cooler months though.  For some tips on how to do that, check this out.


Have a bonfire.

September and October are perfect months to have a bonfire.  It’s not too hot, and yet, not too cold.  Sitting in front of the warmth of a fire with your hot chocolate or coffee will make fall absolutely enjoyable.


Enjoy pumpkin everything.

Pumpkin lovers wait all year to enjoy as much pumpkin as possible.  Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and more.  Bake your own or visit your favorite coffee shop to grab your favorite pumpkin drink.


Go pumpkin picking.

It’s so fun going out to a farm, riding on a wagon out into the field, and picking out your own pumpkin.  Just do it.  Trust me. 🙂


Make squash soup and homemade bread.

Fall signifies that time of year when we can load up on soup and homemade bread again.  my favorite bread to make is this 4 ingredient artisan bread that looks like you spent all day in the kitchen but in reality it is the easiest bread you’ll make in your entire life!


Make and drink some apple cider.

September and October is when apple season is in full force.  Make some apple cider with this recipe and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Find a spot to watch some wildlife.

Each season brings it’s own animals to watch and this will change depending on where you live.  For us we have a lot of wild turkeys and if you are lucky enough, though rare, you may even see a moose!  Find a quiet spot in the wilderness and if you are patient enough you might just get to see some wildlife known to come out more often in the fall!


Go on a hayride.

Many local farms over hayrides in the fall.  It just adds to all of the fun you can have at farms at this time of year.  And I don’t know what it is about hayrides, but it doesn’t matter how old you are you, you’ll always enjoy a hayride!


Take some pictures.

If you enjoy using your camera you’ll want to have it out in autumn.  There are so many amazing pictures waiting to be taken with all the changing colors on the trees.


Make a hot beverage and drink it outside on your porch.

Make your favorite hot chocolate, coffee, latte, or tea, grab a blanket and drink it while relaxing on your porch outside.  You’ll feel so cozy.


Play a game of football.

If you enjoy sports why not grab a bunch of your friends or family members together and have a game of football out in your backyard.  Fall seems to be a popular time that people like to enjoy playing football!




Fall is the time of year where we are ready for change.  We’ve enjoyed our lazy days of summer but now we are looking forward to routine, to sweaters, to feeling that crisp fall air.  It’s actually my husband’s favorite season and I know he’s not alone.  Many people have autumn at the top of their list when it comes to which season they prefer.

Of course, there are a few other things I do in the fall that aren’t on the list because it’s not really activities we do for fun, but they are things we do every fall to prepare for winter.  That would be digging out the winter gear, canning our garden harvest for the pantry, and cutting and stacking a lot of wood to keep us warm all winter long!

Did I miss anything on this list that you do every year in the fall?


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