How to Keep Warm in Winter at Home for Cheap

Want to know how to keep warm in winter without it costing a fortune?  Today’s post will tell you how to do that!

how to keep warm in winter

So, I have a confession.

I LOVE winter.  However, I HATE being cold.

Seems pretty conflicting, doesn’t it?  How can I enjoy winter but hate being cold since winter is…well…cold?

Well, first of all, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like winter if there was no snow.  This year we barely had any snow for the first half of winter.  It was so depressing.  So depressing that even people who declare their hatred for winter were texting and messaging me to say, “fine, I admit it.  I want the snow.  If it has to be cold I want the snow.”

Snow is like the reward for enduring the bitter cold.  It’s pretty, kids love to play in it, and it’s fun to walk in.

Winter that has no snow and just cold is….blech.  There’s no other word for it (even though i’m pretty sure “blech” isn’t even an actual word.)

Aside from the snow though, I’ve also learned how to stay warm in the winter.  And none of the suggestions I am going to share today involve cranking up the heat.  Because huge heating bills are no fun for anyone.  Especially with heating prices that are constantly rising.

We heat primarily with our woodstove but it doesn’t heat up one area of our house very well – our bedrooms and our bathroom.  We have back up heat but we keep it extremely low and it only goes on in the middle of the bitter cold nights once the woodstove dies out.

Our house has such a weird shape to it that if we relied on that heat we’d be paying probably an extra 400 dollars a month to keep it warm.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of pocket change.

The good news is, there are plenty of other ways to warm yourself up.


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Dress in layers.

Okay, I’ll put the most obvious one first.  There’s no shame in wearing multiple layers of clothing.  A pair of leggings under your jeans, warm socks, long-sleeve shirt under your sweater…that kind of thing.  Also, make sure you sleep in layers.  While I wouldn’t dream of wearing socks to bed in the warmer weather I definitely go to bed wearing socks on my feet in the winter.

Slippers are your best friend.

I always know when someone who visits our house has a cold house themselves – they bring their slippers.  They’ve learned that keeping their feet warm will help keep the rest of their body warm.

Drink a hot beverage.

I mean, who doesn’t want an excuse to drink all the tea or coffee they want? Even my 13 year old has learned that if she is feeling chilly she should make herself a hot tea.

Eat some soup, stew, or chili.

We live off of soups, stews, and chili in the colder months.  It’s total comfort food that will make you feel warm and cozy.

Wear a toque indoors.

Okay, I’m Canadian so I call it a toque, but you might call it a hat. 😉  Either way, there are times I wear it around my house.  My daughter wears hers around the house in the winter just because it’s part of her fashion statement.  Not gonna lie, it’s basically become a fashion statement for me too. 🙂  Sometimes I even wear it to bed on super cold nights.  I mean, they used to do it in pioneer days, so why not?  

Clean your house.

I’m sure you are wondering how in the world cleaning your house can keep you warm.  But let me tell you, once you get your body moving you will warm up.  The bonus is that your house will also be clean.  It’s a win-win!


Along with the above idea, exercise keeps your body moving and warms you up.  Jump on your treadmill, do some exercise videos from Youtube, lift some weights.  Whatever exercise you choose doesn’t matter, it will keep the chill away!

Add some spice.

Spicy dishes will warm you right up.  Pull out the chili powder, the garlic, the pepper – and whatever else you can stand and add it to your dinner.  Add spice to your soups, stews, and chilis and you have a double whammy to keep you nice and toasty.

Keep a basket of blankets around.

In our living room I have a basket where I store some blankets for when we are sitting on the couch.  Since we aren’t moving while lounging around in the living room we are bound to get colder.  That’s the perfect time to pull out the cozy, fuzzy blankets and wrap yourself in them.

Seal up any drafts.

I have an old farmhouse which means it’s drafty.  While I can’t get rid of every draft, there are things we have done to reduce the draftiness.  Use weatherstripping around doors, put plastic over any windows that are overly drafty, and you can even use one of these cool door draft stoppers to keep it warmer in your home.

Insulate your attic.

Hot air rises which means if you have an attic that is not insulated or is poorly insulated guess where your heat is going?  You paid for that heat – you don’t want it going out the roof!  While insulating your whole home may not be an option, insulating your attic can be affordable.  Remember, even though it might be a little bit of money up front, it will more than pay for itself over the years.

Make a rice sock.

So, earlier this year I filled a sock with white rice, tied a knot in the top, and I use it as a heating pad.  I stick it in the microwave for two minutes and use it on sore muscles. 

However, my kids kept stealing it so I made them their own.  Now they heat up their socks and put them in their bed to warm them up before they go to sleep, or if they are particularly colder in the day they will heat them up and just cuddle with them. 🙂  If you don’t want to make your own, can you buy a fancier one here.

Do some baking.

Spend an afternoon baking and it will help generate heat for your home.  The best part?  Not only will you be warmer but you’ll get to eat some comfort food which is perfect on a cold day.  Why not try these amazing cinnamon buns?


Winter is way more enjoyable if you are not freezing.  However, if you are like me you want to stay warm while still staying within your budget.  The above tips are great ideas to bring your temperature up when it’s cold outside.  And now you know how to keep warm in winter without it costing a fortune or requiring you to turn the thermostat higher.



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