12 Things to stop Buying that will save you Money

Little expenses add up.  When we give more thought to the little purchases we are buying and whether they are needed, it can add up to big savings.  If you have debt you are trying to pay down, or want to save for a big trip or big purchase, making some changes in our everyday spending habits can really help. There are things that you could stop buying to save money.

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If you have big goals to save money or to aggressively pay down some debt, it’s time to look at every possible place you could cut back on.  Over the years there are things we used to buy that we don’t anymore because we feel that money would be better used on other things in our budget.

12 things to stop buying to save Money

Shaving cream.  I haven’t used shaving cream in years.  Conditioner works just as well, it lasts longer and is cheaper (provided you don’t buy the most expensive conditioner on the shelf. ) it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.  We like to buy our conditioner in bulk so it lasts us a very long time.

Wrapping paper.  Every time we receive a gift in a gift bag, we keep it and use it when we give a gift away.  It’s always a bonus if you have extended family who are all for this too, because then no one minds that you keep passing the same gift bags around during Christmases and birthdays.

Coffee Filters.  You can buy reusable coffee filters for your coffee maker.  We just replaced our coffee maker and discovered our reusable coffee filter didn’t fit.  Instead of buying a new one, my husband just bent it in a way that made it fit. 🙂  It’s worked just fine for us.  Check out THIS one that fits MOST 8-12 cup coffee makers.

K-cups. If you have a Keurig you know how costly those little cups can get.  They make reusable cups that you can scoop the coffee into.  For our house, we only pull the keurig out at during the Christmas season and splurge on some of those flavored hot drinks such as peppermint mochas and pumpkin spice lattes, but the rest of the year we use our regular coffee maker because it is cheaper.  Buy some of THESE reusable k-cups on Amazon to start saving money on disposable k-cups.

Frozen pizza.  It’s cheaper and tastes better to make your own.  The other benefit is that your homemade pizza won’t be full of additives and preservatives that are not very good for you.  It doesn’t take that long either.  Check out the pizza recipe I share HERE where you only need to let the dough rise for 10-20 minutes.  That’s faster than going to the store to buy pizza and then bringing it home to cook!

Bottled water.  Fill your own reusable water bottles.  They are cheaper, better for the environment, and let’s be honest, they are usually way cuter than store bought bottled water. Why not buy a couple of THESE water bottles for you and your family to save in the long run?  It even comes with a fridge tray organizer so you can fill them up, put them in their tray in the fridge, and have them ready to grab and go when you or the kids need one!

All-purpose cleaner.  You can clean your home with a few simple products you probably already have in your pantry.  Vinegar, essential oils, and water are all you need.  Check out THIS recipe for an all-purpose all-natural cleaner.

Pads or Tampons.  This one is for the girls. Both disposable pads and tampons have to be replaced monthly.  There are other options out there.  You can get either reusable pads, or a menstrual cup such as the DIVAcup.  Some people get weirded out at the thought of these options, but I promise you, once you make the change you won’t want to go back!

Telephone landline.  If you have a cell phone, ditch the landline.  There is no reason to have two phone lines.  It is just an added expense that isn’t needed.  Personally I prefer a landline, but I needed a cell phone and couldn’t justify having both, so we got rid of our landline.

Laundry detergent. Check out my homemade recipe for laundry detergent that I use here.

Playdough.  Playdough is just a few simple ingredients.  Once you make it at home you can store it in an airtight container and it will last for ages.  You can add colours and scents, or even glitter if you are brave enough.  (Moms all around the world, I know you get me when I say I am not a fan of glitter.  That stuff gets EVERYWHERE!)  Check out THIS playdough recipe at Emma Owl.

Hummus.  Okay, confession time.  I am still working on  making the regular switch to homemade hummus.  I really have no excuse.  Making hummus at home is cheaper, healthier, and so tasty.  It is simple to make.  So, here’s the deal.  Let’s do this one together. We need to stop buying hummus and make THIS recipe at Gimme Some Oven.

When we are really serious about saving money, we want to look at EVERY area of our life and decide how we can cut back no matter how big or small the expense.  In our house we have been known to wash out milk bags to use as sandwich bags, dig our garden with elbow grease instead of buying or renting a rotatiller (Thank you, dear husband!) or use a tied rope to a tree for a clothesline because the clothesline accessories just aren’t in the budget.

That popular saying, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” is a wise quote to live by.  If you can remember that line when you are deciding whether to make a purchase or to find another way to meet that need without buying something, you will be more mindful of your purchases.

So, what can you stop buying to save money?



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  1. We have really tried to cut out plastic bags! They seem like such a waste when plastic or glass containers can be used as an alternative.

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