8 Beautiful Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, am I right?   I just love Christmas.  Want to show the world how much you love Christmas?  Decorate the outside of your house.  If you are looking for some Christmas porch decorating ideas, I’ve got you covered!

Christmas porch ideas

One of the best things I love about decorating for Christmas is that it can be as cheap or expensive as you want (and we all know I’m leaning on cheap over at my house.) 

You can use a lot of things in nature, like evergreen branches, and pinecones.  I like to decorate with Christmas oranges and cinnamon sticks too!

But, if your style is a little fancier, you can go out to the store and buy all the things you can find. But you know I’m going to encourage you to spend within your budget.  Don’t break the bank just to decorate for the holidays. 

If you like to “go big, or go home” you don’t need to buy all the Christmas decorations at once.  Consider buying one or two new decorations a year.  Each year your Christmas decor pile will grow and it won’t hurt you financially.

Personally I like a simple, rustic style of Christmas decor.  I’m all about Country Christmas front porch ideas that are pretty basic. I don’t like to spend hours decorating.  I want it to be frugal, and I want it to take minimal time.  But some people LOVE spending hours decorating, and if that’s you, that’s okay!  

So, without further ado, Let’s share some ways you can decorate your porch for Christmas.


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This welcoming and festive front porch idea from Our Crafty Mom is so inviting, don’t you just want to sit down on that bench and curl up with a blanket and cup of hot chocolate?

Front porch Christmas Ideas


And, from the same blog, Our Crafty Mom, is this really cute Christmas porch decor that has a little red truck theme.  I don’t know about you, but I love the red truck Christmas theme.  Personally, I’d love to go pick up my own Christmas tree in my very OWN red truck. 

How could you not feel festive in a red truck at Christmas?  Get a Christmas welcome mat with a red pickup truck on it just for the Christmas season like this one.

Christmas red truck porch decor


The way this porch lights up at night over at A Hundred Affections gives me all kinds of cozy Christmas vibes.  I especially love the look of Christmas lights in the snow.  Be sure to purchase some of your own Christmas lights for a similar look like the picture below.

christmas decor


A Christmas planter is a perfect way to spruce up your front porch and they are SO easy to make.  This one at Creative Ramblings is pretty cute.


Christmas planter for outdoors


Of course, if I’m going to share Christmas planters that are perfect for your front porch, I need to share the one I created a few years ago!  It’s super frugal to make, and I’ll actually be making another one this week! 

I love how versatile these are – you really can make them with whatever you have in your neck of the woods.  DIY Christmas decor decorations like this one are so simple to make.

Outdoor Christmas planter for your porch


Or maybe a regular planter is not your thing.  Maybe you’d like a ridiculously cute Christmas gnome on your porch?  Check out Sustain my Craft Habit to learn how to make this one.

Christmas gnome


Sustain my Craft Habit also has instructions on how to make a regular evergreen wreath for your front porch.  If a Christmas gnome isn’t your thing, try to create this wreath for something festive to put on your door.

Make this Christmas wreath


This porch over at Confessions of an Overworked Mom is a great example of a simple but beautiful decor style.  It just goes to show you that you don’t need to fill your porch with a ton of decor for it to look nice.

Christmas rustic outdoor porch decor



If you are looking for some Christmas porch decorating ideas pictures, check out any of the links above to hopefully give you some inspiration to decorate your own porch for Christmas.

Like I said, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  If you have a tiny budget, or no budget at all, go take a walk in the forest and collect a bunch of nature items that scream “Christmas!”  Of course, I don’t recommend bringing the snow home, it’ll just melt. 🙂  

You can also take a walk around your house and see what you can use for decor, whether indoors or outdoors.  For example, I will use a wooden bowl, or a glass jar, and put some clementine oranges and pinecones in it for a beautiful centerpiece. 

Sometimes you might feel like you aren’t good at decorating your home, and so decorating your front porch in a way that stands out and is welcoming and cozy at Christmas can feel like it’s out of your reach, but really, you can decorate your space with just a little creativity, and being willing to try different things.

Just grab some things and place them in different spots on your front porch.  Move them around and decide which way you like them better.  Look online for some inspiration and ideas like the ones in this post.

Have fun with it! There’s no wrong way to decorate your home.  It’s your house and you can do it how you want to.  So, put on some Christmas music and get to it.




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