8 Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Frugal.

It is Valentine’s day in like, 12 hours.  And if you are like me you are last minute.  Also, if you are like me you are cheap frugal and want to spend as little as possible but still make it a nice day for everyone.

Here are 8 ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking your budget.

1.  Decorate with simple crafts.  Things as simple as hearts cut out of construction paper, pink or red ribbons you may have lying around from Christmas, or printables from the internet with love sayings that you put in a pretty frame can go a long way in decorating.  One year my kids and I melted crayons in between two pieces of wax paper and cut them out in heart shapes.  I hang them in the window every year!

2.  Tell your husband to buy you flowers….the day AFTER Valentine’s Day.  Flowers, chocolates, cards, all that wonderful stuff from Valentine’s day are discounted by large amounts AFTER the day.  And flowers especially are jacked up in price JUST for Valentine’s day.  Also, can I just say, husbands LOVE when you want them to spend less on those items.

3.  Speaking of cards, skip it.  My husband and I aren’t card people.  The thought of spending an average of 7 dollars these days for a piece of paper makes us a little ill.  My kids and I prefer to make cards, and on the rare occasion I will give what I call a “verbal” card.  It always gets laughs when you are in a room full of people at a party and announce that you have a verbal card to them and start reciting with “Dear _______, we are so happy to be here to celebrate with you….”

4.  Just don’t buy a lot.  Like all our holidays, Valentine’s has gotten bigger than it needs to be.  Your kids don’t need a collection of new toys, stuffies, and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. If you want to get something for them, by all means do it, but keep it minimal.  I often bake something for the kids, and write them a little note of how much I love them.

5.  Spend time, not money.  Speaking of buying less, instead of buying for the kids, spend time with them.  Do a Valentine’s craft together. or some kind of activity that celebrates the day.

6.  Make dinner at home.  Even though we don’t do it often, I love eating out.  However, the one day of the year I avoid it at all costs is Valentine’s Day.  My idea of a good time is not being crowded in a restaurant with a million other people who are out celebrating as well.  A nice dinner doesn’t have to be complicated.  Pasta with some bread and salad, along with some chocolate cake or brownies for dessert is simple yet romantic.

7. If you are going to go out, go out for lunch.  Lunch is cheaper.  And probably quieter too.

8. Get creative with a date at home.  Going out is usually expensive.  Especially if you need a sitter for your kids.  Put the kids to bed early and have a date night without leaving home.  Watch a romantic movie, turn your bathroom into a spa, or have your own cheese and wine tasting at home.  The ideas are endless!

So there you have it, 8 ideas to save you money this Valentine’s Day.  You still have about 12 hours to plan out your day. 🙂

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