Are Camper Trailers Worth It

Do you want a camper trailer and are currently in the research stage? I had wanted an RV for quite sometime before we invested in one, so for years beforehand I wanted to know, are camper trailers worth it? And while you might assume I would automatically say yes since I own one, that isn’t necessarily true.

It really depends on your situation as to weather camper trailers are worth it, and today we are going to look into that. First of all, I want to say congratulations on doing your research! Take your time gathering information before you make the jump. It’s a big decision to make and you want to make sure you are happy in the end with your purchase if you so decide to take that route.

In recent years, the popularity of camper trailers as a recreational vehicle has skyrocketed, and it’s not hard to see why. These compact, towable homes offer a plethora of benefits that make them a fantastic option for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Let’s delve into the world of camper trailers and explore why they might be worth considering for your next adventure.

Now, we have a ’28 foot travel trailer, and so specifically I’ll be diving into owning a travel trailer pros and cons, but this line of thinking can go along with any kind of RV, whether you are looking into a camper van, a full out Class C motor home, or a travel trailer like us.

Everyone has their reason for wanting a trailer, and I’ll start with sharing mine, which may be different from yours.

Our family loves camping. And frankly, I don’t mind sleeping in a tent on the ground. I enjoy waking up in a tent and hearing nature all around me, with the smell of the trees flowing through the tent. I also don’t mind cooking outside or living out of a cooler.

What I do mind is walking to the outhouses at 3 a.m.

We often camp in the provincial parks here in Canada and 3.a.m. Bathroom breaks meant a trek to the outhouses.

I don’t even mind the outhouses. I just don’t like walking in the pitch dark, with the bears and who knows what else in the middle of the night. I’m a worrier, and my personality does not mix with 2 am darkness. Like, pitch black darkness.

And unfortunately, I’m one of those, “multiple-night-trips-to-the-bathroom” kind of girl.

So, for me, that was the driving force behind getting a trailer.

My husband, on the other hand, didn’t necessarily enjoy sleeping on the ground. He liked the comfort a trailer offered. As we get older sleeping in a bed while camping is a little easier on his back.

And so, we decided to make the jump and get one. We also knew we would get a lot of use out of it, so it made sense to us. I guess that means we aren’t necessarily campers, but glampers. That’s okay, I don’t mind the title.  I’ve discovered that RV camping is where it’s at.


This is one of the saddest things I see when I think of RVs. People buy them and then they sit in their driveway, only being used a weekend or two out of the year.

That’s a pretty expensive investment to only use for two to four nights a year.

I think before buying an RV you need to ask yourself this question quite seriously. Will you use it? If the honest answer is no, consider renting a cabin, yurt, Airbnb, or hotel for your travels or camping.

Can you afford a trailer


Ask yourself this question realistically. Trailers can be super expensive and unfortunately we as a society will buy things we can’t afford because we want what we want. I think most of us have been guilty of this at at least one time or another.

I understand how easy it is to get sucked into it, especially when it feels like everyone around us has all the cool toys. But the newness and excitement will wear off and you’ll be left with a big bill you can’t pay if it isn’t in your budget.

So, again, be honest with yourself. Can you afford it? And I don’t mean just today. Can you afford it if you can’t work for a short time? Can you afford it if there’s a financial emergency?

And while I said that trailers ARE expensive, you can get cheaper older ones within your budget. Ours is a 2002 model without any fancy slide outs (which I have heard have been known to malfunction anyways). It was super affordable and fit in our budget.

While I think going forward I would have saved up first and then bought it, we paid it off in about 6 or so months. Not having a payment on the trailer feels super awesome, trust me. 🙂

The bottom line is, if it will get enough use, I think camper trailers are absolutely worth it! The memories you make will last a lifetime. They make travelling easier (no need to book a hotel) and camping more enjoyable for those who may not love to tent camp.


Let’s get right into the pros and cons if you were to get an RV.


  • Accessible bathroom at all times
  • You can cook anything and everything you would at home
  • You don’t need to fill a cooler with ice and keep replenishing it
  • Bigger trailers sleep many people
  • Some rigs have bunks for kids
  • More space to do stuff indoors if it’s rainy weather while camping
  • Can use it for camping but also for travelling
  • Makes it easier to travel with pets


  • Can be expensive to buy
  • Uses a lot of gas to tow
  • You need a truck to be able to tow it
  • You may need to find a place to store it for the winter if you don’t have property
  • Requires maintenance and repairs when things break

Pros and Cons to Owning a Travel Trailer

Here Are 10 Things you Should Consider when Buying a Camper Trailer

1. Tow Vehicle Compatibility: One of the great things about camper trailers is that they come in various sizes, making it easier to find one that matches your tow vehicle’s capabilities. Whether you have a pickup truck or an SUV, there’s a camper trailer that can be safely towed behind it.

2. Compact Size with Ample Living Space: Camper trailers, especially teardrop trailers and small travel trailers, are known for their efficient use of space. They offer a cozy living space that includes sleeping quarters, a dining area, and sometimes even a small kitchen. You get all the essential components of a larger RV but in a compact package.

3. Flexibility in Floor Plans: Camper trailers come in a variety of floor plans, allowing you to choose the layout that best suits your needs. You can find models with a dedicated dining table, extra storage space, or even a queen-size bed.

4. Exploring National Parks and Remote Areas: Unlike larger RVs, camper trailers are often allowed in many national parks and restricted areas, thanks to their smaller footprint and lower impact on the environment.

5. Budget-Friendly Options: Camper trailers, especially used models or older models, can be more affordable than buying a new RV, making them an excellent entry point into the RV lifestyle for first-time buyers.

6. Mobility and Road Trips: Camper trailers are perfect for road trips, allowing you to explore various destinations without the hassle of booking hotels or finding accommodations along the way.

7. Storage Space and Amenities: While compact, camper trailers are ingeniously designed to provide a surprising amount of storage space. Newer models often come equipped with standard features like air conditioning, solar panels, water tanks, and various amenities to enhance your camping experience.

8. Off-Road Capabilities: For adventure seekers and those who love to venture off the beaten path, there are off-road camper trailers with features like independent suspension, rough terrain tires, and aerodynamic designs that can handle rough terrains and remote locations.

9. Camper Trailers vs. Larger RVs: The main difference between camper trailers and larger RVs like fifth-wheel trailers is the size and the level of luxury. Larger RVs offer more living space and amenities, but camper trailers excel in their compact nature, making them easier to maneuver and tow.

10. The RV Lifestyle and Community: Owning a camper trailer opens up a world of RV enthusiasts who share a passion for the great outdoors. You’ll find a lot of people with similar interests at campgrounds and RV parks throughout the United States.

Things to consider before buying a travel trailer


Some of the things I love about our trailer is that it allows us to camp in cooler weather because it’s equipped with a furnace. I also love that I can bring my dog. It’s hard to find a kennel for our dog where I live and it’s sometimes less stressful not having to leave him behind. You can read what I wrote about RVing with dogs HERE if you like.

Having an RV has been really great during this time in our world right now as well. With so many lock downs and places shut down, there have been times we’ve had to travel out of necessity (for example, moving 7 hours away) and all the bathrooms on our route would be closed.

With a travel trailer this hasn’t been a problem because we are literally travelling with our own bathroom. This is also very helpful when our kids can’t wait a second longer for a bathroom on the road.

We also had a space to eat our meals on any long trips. We could just pull over and hop in the trailer to do what we needed to do.

Tent Camping VS Trailer Camping:  Which One is Better?

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, two popular choices stand out: tent camping and trailer camping with a new travel trailer or used RV. Both offer unique experiences and advantages, making the decision-making process a bit tricky.

For adventurers who love the simplicity and closeness to nature, tent camping is an excellent option. Setting up a tent under the starlit sky and feeling the earth beneath you can be truly invigorating.

However, if you’re looking for extra space, amenities, and the comforts of home while camping, a small travel trailer or a fifth wheel might be a better option.

A small travel trailer, with its compact nature, can still offer a surprising amount of interior space. It provides a good reason to consider it over tent camping, especially for those who prefer a bit more comfort and convenience.

Hybrid trailers with their aerodynamic designs are becoming increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts. These versatile campers combine hard-floor campers and tent trailers, providing the best of both worlds.

For those who like to travel light and explore tight spaces, small campers, like teardrop campers, are a great option. They can be easily towed with a standard van or small truck, making them perfect for solo travelers or couples seeking a fuss-free camping experience.

Despite their compact size, many teardrop campers offer queen-size beds, floor space, and the addition of amenities like a dining area and storage compartments.

On the other hand, if you’re an avid camper seeking a more luxurious camping experience, a new camper trailer or used RV could be the answer. RV dealerships offer a wide variety of travel trailers, including fifth wheels, toy haulers, and hybrid camping trailers, catering to different preferences and needs.

You can find new trailers with the latest features and innovative designs or opt for a reliable used camper trailer at more affordable prices.

When considering a new travel trailer or used RV, it’s essential to factor in the overall cost, including the purchase price, maintenance, and any potential repairs due to issues like dry rot. Researching the most reliable travel trailer brands and speaking with experienced campers can help you make an informed decision.

Also, take into account any travel restrictions you may encounter if you plan to camp in certain areas like Fraser Island or off-road locations that may require specialized features such as off-road tires.

Ultimately, whether you choose tent camping or trailer camping, both options have their place in the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts. From the simplicity and charm of setting up a tent amidst nature to the comfort and convenience of a fully-equipped travel trailer, each offers its own unique appeal.

So, whether you’re enjoying a picnic table under the stars with a hybrid camper or unfolding the possibilities of a pop-up camper, embrace the beauty of nature and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the great outdoors.

Yes, travel trailers are worth it


If you will use it, and you can afford it, camper trailers are worth it in my opinion. It gives you the freedom to travel and camp while having access to a bathroom and a kitchen at any time.

That means no needing to stop at a restaurant to eat, and no needing to find a bathroom, and no needing to find a place to rest your head!

If it’s the right size it will fit the whole family, and the dog, and maybe some guests if you want some visitors to stay the night.

For many travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, camper trailers are the best thing that ever happened to their adventures. The compact size, convenience, and affordability make them a great option for hitting the road, exploring national parks, and experiencing the beauty of nature.

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or looking to purchase your first RV, camper trailers are definitely worth considering. So, pack your bags, grab your tow vehicle, and hit the road in your very own travel trailer for an unforgettable journey into the heart of the great outdoors. Happy camping!

Camper trailers are a great way to create memories and have a lot of fun experiencing new adventures on the road.

Not sure what travel trailer to buy? Check out this post to see what brands to avoid, and what brands to consider purchasing.

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  1. Great post! I think the worth of a camper trailer really depends on one’s individual needs and lifestyle. As someone who loves camping and road trips, a camper trailer has been a game changer for me, providing a comfortable and convenient way to enjoy the outdoors. However, I can understand why it might not be the best investment for everyone. What factors do you think people should consider before deciding whether a camper trailer is worth it for them?

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