10 Jobs Where you Work Independently

Considering a career change but you want to work on your own? There are jobs where you work independently that could be a great fit for you.

jobs where you can work independently

Let’s be straight up honest – there are some people who work better WITH people, and there are others who work better alone. Independently.

While I’ve done both and made it work either way, if I was being real with myself I think I’d have to admit that I prefer to work independently. That’s probably why being a blogger has been such a good opportunity in my life and has been successful for me.

It’s always good to know how to work well with other people. Even if you work independently in your career, chances are there are times in your life you will be working with other people, whether it’s in church, for your child’s school fundraiser, or at a community event you volunteered at.

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I think working well with other people often comes down to give and take and not trying to control everything. Considering the people we are working with – their ideas, their roles, and their thoughts and opinions of how things should be done- is a very important skill to learn.

Even if you are leading the group or in charge of others, it’s best to treat everyone like you are a team and that every single person is valuable and is an asset to the team. It’s basically the way we would probably like to be treated as a co-worker or co-volunteer.

Jobs for Introverts With Anxiety

But even if we CAN do it well, we may prefer to work alone. And I think that’s okay too. Maybe you are introverted and work best independently when you don’t have to feel the stress and strain of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone day in and day out. 

Maybe working with other people gives you too much anxiety.  So let’s talk about jobs where you can work alone if that is what works best for you. 

Many employment opportunities on this  list below are also jobs for introverts with no experience, because it can be hard to break into the work force with little to show on your resume.


10 Jobs Where you Work Independently

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1. Blogger

This is obviously what I do. I’m my own boss. I make my own hours, I decide how I want my business run, and I do my work completely independently. Of course, this means I need to be motivated enough to do work everyday and if I don’t get done what I need to I have no one to blame but myself.

However, over three years of blogging and I can tell you I love what I do. Like any job there are times where it’s stressful and things don’t work out how I want them to. But overall I know I am very blessed to be able to stay home with my kids and make money while working from home, all while being my own boss.

When I started blogging I used this course, Pinteresting Strategies, to get me on my way to making money. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for that course I don’t think i ever would have figured out how to monetize my blog.

If you are curious about blogging, be sure to subscribe to my email list below to get a copy of my “how to blog” tutorial.

2. Freelance writer

This is also something I do on the side. Writing for other sites, publications, or businesses is a great way to make money while working on your own.

While you sort of work for someone else – the person who has hired you to write their article – essentially you are still your own boss. You get to set your own rates and decide what you will say yes or no to.

And if it’s not working out with one of your clients you can move on to the next one (though I suggest you finish out your commitment to them, especially if there is a contract involved.)

You can also decide what niche you want to write about. When I freelance write I tend to write about hiking, camping, and outdoor activities. I get to go to some local outdoor spots, take some gorgeous pictures, and write an article about it. It’s a great excuse for me to take my family out on some adventures, all while getting paid for it!

Freelance writing is a little harder to break into, though you can make really good money with it eventually once you’ve gained enough clients. The way I’ve gained clients is from a few sites like Problogger, but mostly from cold pitching to clients that I am interested in writing for. You can learn how to cold-pitch here.

I do want to warn you right here though – there are many, many sites and companies trying to pay writers a ridiculously low amount of money.

When I got started I wrote a few articles for a low fee just so I had something to put in my portfolio but after that I learned that freelance writers can make really good money if they set their rates and work for companies that are willing to pay them what they are worth. Don’t sell yourself short.

3. Carpenter

This is what my husband does for a living and while you can work with others, you can also do many jobs yourself. If you are self-employed you get to decide what size jobs you will take.

My husband worked for a year doing his own thing and most of the time, aside from communicating with the client about what they wanted done, he worked by himself.

He set his own rates, he did his own paperwork, and he did the carpentry work on his own. At times for bigger jobs he would hire someone else to help him, but if he only wanted to work on his own he could have decided to only do smaller jobs.

For him he enjoyed doing both and so he mixed it up a little bit.

4. Home daycare provider

Okay, so if you count the fact that you are surrounded by children, I guess it’s not independent. However, I consider working independently mostly to mean you don’t have co-workers.

Doing a home daycare means it’s often just you in your home with some kids. Every area is different as to how many kids you are allowed to have, so be sure to check into that. Where I live it’s around 5, but I also think it depends on their ages too.

Just make sure you love kids because it’s just you and the children every day, day in and day out. Personally I think daycare providers are super special people for pouring into kids and loving them the way they do.

5. Artist

If you are creative enough to draw, paint, or craft this is a great job that is very independent. You can sell your crafts or art on a site like Etsy, or if you don’t mind talking to people from time to time you can go to fairs and festivals as well to sell your creations.

Years ago I used to sell tie-dye at fairs and festivals. I loved working on my own to make new creations at home, but then I enjoyed talking to people about each piece when I sold them at the festivals.

The best ones to work at were ones where other vendors bartered their goods with me. I remember coming home one day with pottery mugs, homemade cards, and homemade jewelry. I felt like I scored the jackpot!

6. Youtuber

This one is kind of funny to put under jobs that are independent, but the truth is, even though you may have thousands of people watching your videos and commenting, you aren’t directly working with or for anyone. You get to decide how you want your videos to go, and if you want to respond to comments or not. If you do respond to comments it’s a lot different than dealing with people in real life.

Now, let’s just be clear here though – while there are many who make money from Youtube, there are many who do not. But it’s the same in the blogging world. It takes a lot of work and dedication. You can’t just post a few videos and expect to pull in a paycheck.

It more than likely will take months, possibly even a couple years before you see your channel bringing in money. However, if you are determined and committed and you treat it like a business it can definitely turn into something lucrative for you.

7. Farmer

Farming isn’t a popular option these days, and it’s really a shame. But I understand why, because one of the things I’ve learned about the farmers I know is that they work harder than anyone else I know. Most of your work as a farmer is independent, whether on the tractor, with animals, or in the garden.

As a farmer there are times you deal with other people, usually to sell your goods like animals, meat, vegetables, or grains but more often than not you are working by yourself. Or with your family if the farm is a big enough operation that you need some help.

8. Dog Sitter and Walker

Many people who are introverted love animals and really, what’s not to love? When it comes to dogs, however, a lot of owners work or are unable to spend the time they want with their furry friend. That’s where you come in. You get to spend your day hanging out with those lovable creatures while also getting exercise walking them – all while doing it independently. What more could you want?

9. Photographer

This is one of my personal favorites, most likely because it’s a fairly new skill I’ve developed and it’s contributed to my income, along with giving me a creative outlet.

Sometimes when we think of a photographer we tend to think of portraits or family photos, but that isn’t the only way to make money as a photographer. For those who want to work independently you can take pictures of nature, or of interesting urban sight, or wildlife. I love to take pictures of nature. Usually I attach them to an article I’ve written, either for my own blog or another site I’m writing for.

You don’t need fancy equipment to get started. I just have a simple Sony Mirrorless, as well as a tripod. I also use my android phone for taking photos and sometimes those pictures turn out better than the ones I’ve taken with my mirrorless. Now that I’m living in bear country I wouldn’t mind a zoom lens to catch some wildlife (from far, far away if you know what I mean!) but in the meantime my cheaper camera equipment is working just fine.

10. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers spend a lot of time working independently, and can often work for themselves. Graphic designing can include creating brochures and flyers, designs for promotional materials such as mugs, hats, and shirts, or designing websites. While you will need to be in contact with your client on some level, much of this can be done through e-mail or messaging. For a person like me who tries to avoid talking on the phone at all costs, this is my kind of job!


Working from home is a lot easier these days than it used to be, as well as working independently. Sometimes, though, it feels like every single work at home job requires you to be on the phone. I am here to tell you that just isn’t true and I should know since I work at home, independently, without ever needing to be on the phone.

Many of the jobs on this list above are non-phone work at home jobs. If you prefer to work at home, independently, try one of these ideas.

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