Homemade Cleaning Spray with Essential Oils – Essential Oil Cleaner Recipe

It feels like winter has dragged on here in Canada.  However, I got a glimpse of the sun this week, and the forecast predicts rising temperatures, so I am choosing to believe Spring is on it’s way.

Yesterday was the first official day of Spring so it has to be coming, right? And with all the amazing, wonderful things Spring will bring, it will also bring spring cleaning. 

So I thought this was the perfect time to share an essential oil cleaner recipe. This homemade cleaning spray with essential oils will have your home sparkling in no time!.

Green Clean

Last year at this time we were preparing our house to put it on the market.  We had learned how to declutter a lot over the previous years, even embracing a more minimalist mindset.  We still had too much stuff to fit neatly into the minimalist category, but I always felt better living with less stuff and would often drop off loads to the thrift store.

Except that, every once in awhile we’d come across some things that were just too old and in rough shape to go to the thrift store, and too big to fit into a garbage bag.  So we’d carry it out to the shed to “eventually” bring it to the dump.


You can already guess how this story is going to go, can’t you?  Yep, it was almost 8 years of bringing things out to the shed for the “eventual” dump run.  We didn’t have a truck, so instead of figuring out how to get rid of it we just hid it out of sight in hopes that it would somehow take care of itself.  You know, out of sight out of mind kind of thing.  When we were getting our house ready for sale there was no more avoiding it.  We did way too many runs to dispose of the clutter and I promised myself that never again would I let it get that way.  I will do a dump run every single spring AT least!

So, that is my plan over the next few weeks as we start out enjoying Spring – a trip to the dump. In between starting our garden, bonfires, and soaking in as much sunshine as I can of course.


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But it doesn’t matter if it’s Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, there’s always counters and cupboards and tables and chairs  and whatever else that comes to mind that needs to be wiped down.  I feel like I am always finding little fingerprints all over.

I love to use this cleaner to wipe down my counters and my stove, but I’ve also used it to wipe up messes on the floor.  You know, like the broken eggs my 6 year old drops as he carries them from the coop into the house.

And an easy diy all-purpose household cleaner is an great way to make sure you can easily wipe down all those surfaces without all those harsh chemicals of the cleaners in the stores.  Most likely you have most of the ingredients at home allowing you to easily mix this up at moment’s notice.

While this recipe has tea tree and wild orange, you can definitely switch them out for your favorite oils.  I do like having the tea tree essential oil in there for it’s antibacterial properties but adding other scents like lavender in there is definitely an option.

If you have issues with spiders it’s not a bad idea to add in some peppermint essential oil in there.  They hate peppermint.  



1 cup vinegar

1 Cup water

1/2 cup lemon juice

10 drops tea tree essential oil

10 drops wild orange essential oil


Pour it all into a bottle and that’s really all there is to it!  You can buy chalkboard labels at the dollar store as well as spray bottles.  I had a real habit of not labeling spray bottles for a while there so I had to resort to smelling them to figure out what was in it. Thankfully I’ve gotten much better over the years at labeling them.

My favorite thing to use this spray for is my countertops.  It smells good and the tea tree oil provides antibacterial qualities which is always a good thing when cleaning.  While I like to use the orange essential oil to go along with the lemon juice citrus-y scent, you could use any of your favorite essential oils in this cleaner.


I love how with just a few simple ingredients I can keep to a “green clean” home!  Green cleaning products at the grocery store are always a better option than the regular, chemical laden products, but those don’t always fit into the budget.  By making your products at home you are able to keep the chemicals out of your home, but also afford more natural cleaning solutions.

Happy Spring, and happy cleaning!!

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