11 Fun Things to do Alone Outside


Going outdoors is good for all of us, but sometimes it can be harder to get outside when alone. It’s not as easy to come up with fun things to do alone outside as opposed to if you have a friend or two with you.  But there are things to do alone on the weekend or a weekday that can be fun.

That being said, it isn’t impossible and there are times I really enjoy myself when I am outdoors alone.

Vitamin D is essential and the only way to get it, aside from supplementing, is to go outside in the sun.

Don’t let being alone stop you from getting the vitamin D your body needs.

Fun Things to Do Alone Outside

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Go for a walk

This is something I do 3-5 times a week, and for this busy mom of three, it’s definitely a fun, enjoyable activity for me.  I go outside and can enjoy some quiet and some alone time with my thoughts.  I use this time to get exercise, to pray, to think, and sometimes I’ll even pop in some earbuds and listen to a podcast without interruptions.

I live in a small town, so it’s also a time I might run into other people walking along my way so I will stop for a few minutes to chat.  

Walking, in my stage of life is one of the most enjoyable activities I like doing outside.

Take up Stand up Paddle-boarding

Stand up paddle boards are built for just ONE person, and so it’s a great activity to do by yourself.  Unlike a canoe where you really need two people to enjoy the activity, paddle-boarding is possible to do all by yourself.  My family and I enjoy some time at the cottage, and while the family is on shore I’ll take a short paddle board ride myself.

The one caveat I’ll add to this though, is to not go just anywhere on the water alone.  Water can be really dangerous and you want people to know where you are in case something was to happen. 

Wear your life jacket, and don’t go in places with rough waters or strong currents.  I’ll paddle board around a lake that is small enough for my husband to see me from shore.  I’d also go down the river in our town where the current isn’t too strong and it’s lined by houses and not too wide so there are ways to get help if needed.

That being said, paddle-boarding is a fun and relaxing activity to do alone.  It’s peaceful, and refreshing.

Read a good book in a hammock

A lazy summer day is perfect for reading a good book in the shade on a hot day.  Hit up the library or buy a new book and make a date to hang out with yourself outside for a relaxing afternoon.  It’s okay to have a lazy day every now and then.

Spend time in your garden

Garden season is always something I look forward to!  After a long winter, spring flowers and growing vegetables is something exciting for many people in Canada.  Gardening is a hobby that you often do alone, and of course, it’s something you do outside.  It’s also a great activity because it’s productive and in the end you will have a finished product.

Shoot some hoops

If you are sporty and wonder what you can do outdoors without anyone else, you can always shoot some basketball hoops.  While you can’t play a whole game with yourself, you can spend a whole lot of time tossing the ball into the basket in your driveway.  My son spends hours each summer doing this.

Take up some nature photography

Taking gorgeous pictures of creation is an excellent excuse to go outside alone.  I bought my first “better” camera a few years ago and I love to take shots of nature.  This activity is actually better done alone so that I don’t have any family members annoyed with me that I’m taking too long as I try to get the perfect shot of a tree, the lake, or some mountains.

Sit on the beach and watch the sunset

If you live in a really busy place you may not be totally alone on the beach, but if you live in a very small town like I do, you’ll find many quiet evenings on a beach. Enjoying a sunset on the beach is a great activity to do all by yourself.

Pick some wildflowers

This is another activity I like to do.  If you have a nearby field where you can find wildflowers, get out there and pick some!  Bring them home and put them in a vase to bring in some happiness to your home.

Go for a bike ride

Grab your bicycle and get some exercise.  Many of us gave up our bicycle when we became adults and it’s really a shame because it’s fun, it helps us stay fit, and it’s something we can do without anyone else.  Of course, you can go bike riding with a friend too, but it’s a great activity to do alone.

Do some journalling

Do you like to journal or would like to start?  Get a journal like this one and head outdoors with a pen and maybe some colored markers or pens in hand.  Journalling has evolved since I was a kid.  Now people like to journal with art.  Some of the pages I’ve seen across the internet are absolutely gorgeous.  However, if you’d rather just write down your thoughts, that’s totally fine as well.

Start jogging

Running is an exercise you can do all alone and you don’t need any equipment.  It gets you outside and it challenges you.  Even though you might need some convincing to get out there in the first place, you’ll never regret it once you are done. 

I love that “after run” feeling.  It’s the feeling of accomplishment, and weirdly enough, after running I always have so much energy.  If you want to get outdoors more consider taking up jogging.

Things to do Outside Alone

Don’t let being alone stop you from having a great time outdoors.  Getting outside everyday is so beneficial.  Sometimes I find it difficult to push myself to go outdoors, but I’ve never once regretted it once I do.  I mean, have you ever come home from a walk and said, “man, I wish I never did that?” 

Make a point to go outside every day, even for just 15 minutes.  Dress for the weather because as the popular saying goes, “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes.” 

I enjoy the winter and the cold much more when I’m dressed warmly.  I enjoy the summer much more when I am not wearing 17 layers.  If I’m out in the rain I wear a rain jacket or bring an umbrella but I still go out.

Of course, you won’t find me out in a snow storm or a heavy rain storm, but there’s plenty of other weather I’ll brave to enjoy that beautiful fresh air.  What about you?  Do you go out in all kinds of weather?  Do you spend time outdoors alone?  What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Try these things to do alone to make you happy, at least for a little while.


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