How to Hygge your Life

In a world that often moves at a rapid pace, finding moments of peace, comfort, and connection is more important than ever but so hard to do. That’s where “hygge” (pronounced hoo-ga) can help, a Danish concept that encompasses the art of creating a warm, cozy atmosphere to promote well-being and happiness.

Hygge Candle

Today I want to provide practical tips on how to infuse this comforting lifestyle into various aspects of your life.

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What exactly IS Hygge?

 At its core, hygge encourages a return to simplicity. It’s about appreciating the little things in life – the warmth of a cup of tea, the flicker of candlelight, or the softness of a cozy blanket.

Decluttering your space to create an environment free from chaos also adds to those feelings of Hygge.  Hygge comes from Denmark, where the Danish regularly practice this kind of cozy culture.  (And yes, this is why Denmark is on my bucket list to visit one day.)

Now, let’s get one thing straight – you don’t need a lot of money to create an atmosphere of Hygge at your home.  The thrift store is a perfect place to buy decor that will create a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

You know what won’t give you that Hygge feeling?  A huge bill hanging over your head after you went on a shopping spree.  So, do yourself a favor and look for cheap, used items that will be perfect in your hygge home.

Coziness is a central element of hygge. Hit up the thrift store to find soft blankets, plush pillows, and warm lighting to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Consider adding textured rugs and natural materials to bring a touch of nature indoors.



Hygge in our Home

Soft Lighting Matters. Opt for soft, warm lighting over harsh fluorescents. Use candles, string lights, or table lamps to create a gentle glow that instantly transforms your space into a haven of comfort. I love these fairy lights for some warmth.  Candle flames can add a magical touch to any room.

Create a Hygge Nook. Designate a cozy corner or nook in your home, whether it be your living room or your bedroom,  for relaxation. Fill it with plush cushions, a comfortable chair, and a stack of your favorite books.

This personalized space can become your retreat for moments when you just need a breather away from the chaos and stress of everyday life.  It can also be a great spot to curl up with your little ones to slow down and cuddle and read a book together.

Bring Nature Indoors. Incorporate natural elements into your home to create a sense of connection with the outdoors.   I don’t know about you, but something about nature just relaxes me. Fresh flowers, potted plants, or a bowl of pinecones can add a touch of nature’s beauty to your living spaces.

slippers and a dog

Hygge in Daily Rituals

Enjoy Comforting Beverages. Take the time to savor warm, comforting beverages. Whether it’s a cup of herbal tea, a hot coffee, or some sweet hot cocoa, the act of holding a warm mug and enjoying a quiet moment is quintessentially hygge.

Enjoy Homemade Comfort Food. Hygge and comfort food go hand in hand. Cook or bake simple, nourishing recipes that give a sense of warmth and satisfaction. Share meals with loved ones, creating a bond over delicious, homemade dishes.  Comfort food like creamy potato garlic soup, or cinnamon buns are perfect for this.

Hygge in Social Connections

Quality Time Over Quantity. Focus on quality time with loved ones. Whether it’s a cozy dinner, a game night, or simply sharing stories, prioritize meaningful connections. Put away electronic devices and be present in the moment.  We only have so much time with the ones we love, and you’ll never regret slowing down and spending time with them.

Foster Togetherness. Create a sense of togetherness by engaging in shared activities. This could be anything from cooking together, playing board games, or even going for a leisurely walk. The emphasis is on creating memories and building strong, positive relationships.  It doesn’t have to cost money or be extravagant.  As long as you are together, that’s all that matters!

cheesecake and books

Hygge in Self-Care.

Indulge in Simple Pleasures. Find joy in simple pleasures, whether it’s reading a good book, listening to calming music or a favorite podcast, or taking a leisurely bath. Embrace activities that bring you happiness without the need for elaborate plans or excess.  Take a moment to breathe and do something you really enjoy.  

Embrace Hygge for a Slower, Simpler Life

Hygge is more than just a trend. it’s a philosophy that encourages us to prioritize the moments that truly matter. By infusing warmth, simplicity, and connection into our homes and daily lives, we can create a sanctuary of comfort and joy. By building a “hygge” home, I find I am able to slow down more easily and spend time with the ones I love.  I spend more time reading my Bible and in prayer as well. 

Embrace the hygge lifestyle, and discover the transformative power of cozy contentment in every aspect of your life.

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