10 Ways to Use Leftover Pickle Juice

Do you have a jar of leftover pickle juice sitting in the back of your fridge? It turns out there are plenty of uses for pickle juice so you don’t need to throw it away! Today we are going to talk about some creative ways to use it up.

jars of pickles

Many people striving to live a simple, frugal life will tell you that they try to use up everything they have.  If they can avoid throwing something out and finding another use for it, they will do that.

When we cook with bacon we try to figure out how to use the leftover bacon grease.  When our clothes rip we wonder how we can repurpose them.  And when the last pickle has been eaten from the jar, we try to decide how to use the juice that is leftover.

You don’t need to feel bad pouring that extra pickle liquid down the drain because instead of trashing it, you can put it to good use. Whether it’s brine from homemade pickles, or store-bought pickles, the juice can be very useful.

Eat the pickles (preferably not in one sitting), and then try using the leftover juice in one of the ways we are going to discuss in this blog today.



Side note, if you are ever having a group of teen girls over, buy the biggest jar of pickles you can find.  I’m serious.  We hosted a group of ten teen girls over one day and they hadn’t had lunch.  I sent my husband to the store to buy some food and he bought this massive jar of pickles (among other things.)  I gave him the side-eye wondering what he was thinking.

However, after all the girls had left and I cleaned up the food, I noticed the pickle jar completely empty of pickles.  They had left some cookies, and cheese, and crackers, and meat behind, but they had eaten every last pickle.  Turns out teens LOVE pickles!

No one drank the pickle juice though…

Anyways, read on to find out what to do with that dill pickle juice you have sitting in your fridge!

Fermented Pickles

What to Use Pickle Juice For

1. Marinades. Pickle juice, with its unique blend of acidity and flavor, makes for an excellent foundation for your marinades. Whether you’re grilling meats like pork chops or chicken or experimenting with tofu, let them soak up some pickle juice.

The result? A burst of flavor that will elevate your dishes to a whole new level. The next time you fire up the grill, consider giving your proteins a pickle twist!

2. Salad Dressings. Say goodbye to boring salads with a simple yet effective trick – pickle juice salad dressing. Combine pickle juice with olive oil, your favorite herbs, and voila! Your greens are no longer just greens; they’re a burst of zesty deliciousness. Salad dressing made with pickle juice is so easy to make.  Try this Dill Pickle Viniagrette.

3. Potato Salad. Potato salad is a classic comfort dish, but why not change it up a little. Add a splash of pickle juice to your potato salad dressing for an extra layer of tanginess. The combination of creamy potatoes and the zing of pickle juice is absolutely perfect.   You can also add a bit of pickle juice to a macaroni salad.

4. Popsicles. When the temperature rises, and you’re looking for a refreshing treat, think outside the box – or in this case, the jar. Freeze pickle juice into pickle pops for a quirky frozen treat.  Look, I know it sounds strange, but kids will eat anything! Make some pickle juice popsicles and your kids will probably think you are the coolest mom ever.

5. Pickling vegetables.  You can use the pickle juice once to pickle other vegetables.  Reusing it beyond one time isn’t a great idea though, as the flavorful liquids won’t be…well…flavorful anymore.

top of the pickle jar

6. Pot Roast. Give your pot roast or stew an extra layer of flavor. Use pickle juice, the secret ingredient that can transform your savory dishes. A splash of pickle juice adds a hint of acidity, cutting through the richness of the meat and creating a flavorful dish.

7. Rice or Quinoa. Use pickle juice as your liquid to cook rice or quinoa. It’s a simple way to add a unique flavor to your side dishes that your whole family will love.

8. Dips and Sauces.  Give your sauces and dips a serious upgrade. Add pickle juice to your favorite condiments like tartar sauce for an extra zesty kick. The balance of creaminess and tanginess make for a delicious tartar sauce recipe.

9. Beverages. Who said pickle juice is just for savory dishes? Dilute it with water or soda for a unique beverage. It’s a refreshing and unexpected alternative to your regular drinks. 

10. De-icer. As a Canadian I can tell you that living in a colder climate has its challenges, and dealing with icy sidewalks and driveways is one of them. Enter pickle juice – not just a kitchen staple but a winter warrior as well. The salt content in pickle juice makes it a surprisingly effective de-icer. 

Pickle Juice for Muscle Cramps

Did you know that a shot of pickle brine may relieve muscle cramps?  The next time you have some muscle cramps, quickly take a 2 or 3 ounce shot of pickle juice.  It may just relieve that muscle cramp pain.

jar of homemade pickles

Pickle Juice – Not just for Pickles!

Remember, while the possibilities of that jar of pickle brine are endless, a little pickle juice goes a long way. Experiment in moderation as it’s extremely tangy and you might find using too much leaves a bad taste in your mouth. 

Once you are done all the pickles, and using the pickle juice, save that empty jar to make some sun tea!

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