September in the Country.

What is it about a country kitchen that brings out the cook or baker in us. Here in Canada the air is getting cooler, and it’s the time of year that most of us get excited to wear sweaters, light our woodstoves, and cook all things pumpkin.

Speaking of woodstoves, year after year after year, this was the conversation my husband and I have had up until now:

Me: It’s chilly outside.  and I can smell a woodstove out there.
Husband:  Man, I wish we had a woodstove.
Me: Me too.

But that was SO last year.  Check this baby out:


And oh yes, we have already put this thing to work. I tell ya, it was a perfect moment.  I can already picture the mittens hanging to dry next to it.  Is it crazy that I get giddy over the thought of that?

Actually, don’t answer that.

Anyways, back to the kitchen.  For basically my whole adult life so far I have had very old, used stoves.  I have had countless batches of cookies, banana breads, and who knows what else not turn out.  Burning on the outside and raw on the inside.  One side cooked and one side uncooked.  Uneven cooking has basically become an expectation for me.

Not anymore.   We bought a new stove when we moved in to our new house a few months ago.

Did you know that ovens are supposed to cook food evenly???  I had no idea.

And now I must bake and cook at all times.  And it’s September so cooking needs to involve pumpkin.  Obviously.

bread and tea
Pumpkin bread and tea. I still can’t get over how well a fully working oven bakes this kind of stuff!!!
Stew and Baguettes
My first time making french baguettes (or as my littlest calls them, Maguettes), as well as making stew with red wine.  I’ve made stew before, but I have never added wine to my cooking.  I don’t know why I didn’t try this before because it totally paved the way for me to also enjoy a glass of wine while I was making it.  Note to self: cook with wine more often.
When I am not in the kitchen these days, I’m still trying to make friends with these little feral friends:
feral barn cats

They still won’t love me.  I think they’re using me for my kitty food.

Rejection aside, I am really enjoying our first September in the country.  Especially because it’s 5 days till our baby chicks arrive!!!!

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