Awesome Christmas Gifts for Homesteaders

It’s gift giving season!

homesteader's gift guide


And with gift giving season comes the frustration of not knowing what to buy for your loved ones.  Have you ever been there?  You want to get them a great gift, but you are truly stumped on what to get them.

I’ve been there so many times.  I get it.

So, I want to help you out with some ideas for the homesteader in your life.  Homesteaders tend to be people who enjoy the simple life, and so they often don’t care for or want flashy things.  But they still often have a need for certain items.  So, let’s talk about what you could possibly get for your fellow homesteader (or you could request for yourself :).)


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This homesteading book.  It’s perfect for the beginner and seasoned homesteader.  It’s great if you only have a small property, but it is just as good if you have a lot of acres.  I own this book and I love it!  I am able to refer back to it time and time again when I need help with a new homesteading venture.

Or this book.  This one is another one of my favorites.  It’s full of inspiration and the pictures are gorgeous.  The book is not only full of homestead information and traditional recipes, but it transports you into the beautiful life of the Elliotts.   I own this book as well and it’s a favorite.  I literally have it sitting right next to me right now so I can read it again after I’m don’t this post!

An egg basket.  Ever since owning chickens I wanted an egg basket.  However, I had a hard time justifying buying one for the longest time because I had regular baskets that worked just as well.  Still, I wanted a pretty egg basket.  I finally found one at a thrift store.  You might be as lucky too, but if not, you can grab one on Amazon.

Or check out this cute one in the shape of a chicken!

Cute mugs are a great choice for homesteaders because homesteaders need their coffee when they are up bright and early!  Try some of the ones below:

The goat whisperer.

Chicken lady. 

Homesteading is kinda my thing. 

Or how about this bread proofing basket with accessories.  Many homesteaders love to bake and cook from scratch, and many make their own bread.

This garden tool set would be perfect for the homesteader who loves to grow a garden!

A canning set is a great gift for homesteaders or even city dwellers who want to start preserving their own food.  I’ve heard many people who wanted to start canning but didn’t have a canner and it wasn’t in their budget at that time.  If you know someone who wants to can, consider this gift for them!

There is just something about Pioneer Woman that screams “Country Living.”  This Pioneer Woman baking set would look perfect in a homestead kitchen.

My cast iron dutch oven is my absolute favorite kitchen tool and my only regret is waiting so long to cook with cast iron to own my very own dutch oven. I use this thing over and over again.  It’s perfect for cooking everything from bubbling stews to roasted farm fresh chickens.  This is a gift that will last.

I hope this list has helped you shop for the homesteader in your life or at least given you some ideas for what to get your loved ones this Christmas.

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