Christmas gift ideas for the frugalista

Today I want to share a gift guide with you for the frugalista in your life to make Christmas shopping easier.

gift guide for frugal people

Let’s be real here – this is a frugal living blog.  So it made sense to do a gift guide of perfect gifts for someone who wants to live frugally.  Frugal people appreciate practical gifts, or gifts that can help them in their frugal walk.  As someone who has lived a frugal life for many, many years, I feel like I have a good handle on what kind of gifts frugalistas like.

So, let’s jump right into it! 🙂


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This book called the Tightwad Gazette.  The author is the frugal living queen in my opinion!  You don’t hear much from her these days because she lives a quiet life out of the lime light, but long before frugal living blogs there was the Tightwad Gazette newsletter.  This book is a compilation of all the newsletters she ever sent out.  It’s one of my favorite books I own, full of frugal living tips.

This cookbook called Dining on a Dime. This is one of my favorite cookbooks when my budget is tighter than ever and I need to make every dollar in my kitchen stretch.

An instant pot.  People who live frugally tend to do a lot of cooking from scratch.  They spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  An instant pot can help your gift recipient save time preparing meals.

Frugal people try to avoid buying disposable items, like paper towels or napkins.  Consider buying them some cloth napkins like these ones that they can wash and reuse.

Frugalistas have a hard time buying clothes for themselves.  Their clothes usually have to be falling apart before they will consider investing money in new clothes.  Buying them a shirt can help them with that, and the saying on this shirt is funny!

Lots of frugal people like to do some canning to preserve their own food to save money.  Consider getting them some canning supplies.

Storage jars are a great gift for frugal people because they tend to buy a lot of things in bulk and need somewhere to store it. 

Chocolate.  While I don’t really need to explain this ( I mean, ANYONE will gladly accept chocolate) giving chocolate as a gift to a frugal person is a big treat they may not otherwise buy themselves.  I’m pretty sure they’ll love you for it.  I’ve received a box of these chocolates from a relative for many Christmases and I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed their deliciousness. 🙂

If you are frugal chances are you keep your temperature in your home pretty low.  This blanket would make a perfect addition to their living room.  Not only will it keep them warm, but it looks pretty too!

Just because someone is frugal, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy things like fancy coffee given the chance.  Why not treat them with a Starbucks gift card?  I have one burning a hole in my wallet right now that was gifted to me and I’ve been saving it for when Starbucks brought back it’s Christmas drinks.  I’ve been waiting for months to use it. 🙂

You know how we talked up above about keeping frugal people warm with blankets?  The same goes with slippers.  And who can resist these ridiculously cute fox slippers?

So there you have it!  Some gift ideas for the frugal person in your life, or maybe some ideas for yourself to pass on to those asking you what you want. 🙂



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